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Can You Get a Decent WordPress Hosting Server On a Budget?

Finding a cheap and reliable hosting platform is one of the biggest concerns that many people have when creating their website. In fact, most beginners do not intend to dedicate a large budget on their hosting, which is a severe misstep in the creation of their online business.

Just a while back, I wrote about how to choose the right WordPress hosting, where I briefly explained the problems that may arise if you choose to buy a ridiculously cheap hosting for your project. In a nutshell, it will continue to server you for a short while after which you’ll have to move on.

Today, I want to delve a little deeper into the topic of cheap web hosting. Let’s see what can happen if you prioritize the price before the quality. Also, what’s good option I personally recommend right now.

Does cheap hosting mean poor quality?

The first thing that I want to clear is that, I have tried several affordable WordPress hosting platforms. And although I have not tried all the cheap web hosts that exist, I’ve tried plenty to draw a decent conclusion.

What do I mean by this?

Well, not all cheap hosting’s have to be necessarily bad. There are hundreds of companies that are dedicated to providing this service. So, presumably some of them may offer decent service or specifications on the cheap.

However, there is one thing that cannot be overlooked. That is the opinions of the previous customers they have.  It is often the most important thing to look for if you are considering a cheap hosting service for your website. Therefore, if you have been lucky enough to hire a cheap web hosting you are happy with, I have to ask that you pass on the word of mouth for others to consider.

Problems that may arise with ridiculously cheap hosting

To begin, I will explain some of the real problems I have had with some cheap hostings my clients and I personally tried.

One day, a client of mine wanted to renew his website SSL certificate (paid SSL). However, it gave him an error when entering the web and at that time the content could not be seen. When he contacted the hosting support, the first thing he was told is, “it was not our problem that we have to solve it, It’s yours”. Upon my investigation, I found that the problem had was due to the update of the certificate my client has bought from that same hosting provider. Logically, they had to at least, help my client to fix it.

Upon contacting them again, they reluctantly solved it by telling my client that they do not usually do these things. Then, when they eventually solved the problem of the website accessibility, they ruin the accessibility to another website my client had hosted in them.

With another client, things started to go wrong from the beginning.

So, I had just bought the cheapest hosting (that my client wanted) to make his website. Then when I went to install WordPress, it was crazy! There is NO softaculous. As a result, It presented me with a lot of trouble as I had to do it by commanding the code manually.

Eventually, I tried using the 1 click auto-installer they had. Finally, I managed to install WordPress with it. However, the version I installed was an old version of a year ago! It was super outdated version. Also, when I went to update it, it wouldn’t let me! That was not all. Some other problems keep coming!

As a result, I lost more than two hours just trying to install and updated the WordPress. This condition makes me and my client contact the support for help. Yes, they took care of installing the new version of WordPress. Yet, they were telling us that this kind of service was not their job!

Once WordPress was installed, I tried to design the WordPress. However, the problems were constant. The website was super slow. It doesn’t even allow me to use Elementor page builder plugin (which I consider as the lightest page builder on the market today).

What Does WordPress Hosting You Recommend?

In the end, I choose to move all my client’s website to HostingRaja. It was worth it! The website stopped giving problems and the loading speed improved significantly. Their service and support were excellent. As for today, I am still surprised with their affordable price and quality.

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