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Published on June 8th, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


5 reasons why virtual surround sound headphones are worth it for gaming

Gaming has over the last few years come a long way in matters of adding to the overall gamer experience, besides enhanced graphics. Accessories such as virtual surround headphones provide you with raw, rich and detailed audio sure to make you feel like you’re inside a game.

Virtual surround sound headphones get you wholly absorbed in your game by affording a 360-degree sound experience. Some of the things you never see on the screen can be picked up using the earlier mentioned accessories.

Supposing there’s action taking place on the sides where you can’t see, or yet your adversary is behind you, you’ll realize these incidences based on the sound emanating from your headphones. reviewed 5 of the best surround sound headphones that we recommend to persons aiming to better their gaming experience.

Also, read on to understand why virtual surround headphones enhance your gaming.

1. Flexibility – Wired or wireless

Surround headphones come in two types; wired or wireless. Wireless type presents their limitations like being battery-operated. Avid gamers stay glued in front of their screen for long periods. Exclusively wireless headphones eventually run out of batteries, and you must recharge them.

If you happen to prefer the wireless headphones over their wired counterparts, choose a brand known for their long battery life.

Wired headphones allow you to play your game for as long as you wish, but don’t let you go far from the sound source.

2. Maximum comfort

Ardent gamers must ensure they purchase headphones with comfort at the top of their priorities. In truth, these headphones allow you to savor your game more, and you’ll likely end up spending extended periods on your adventure, racing game or whatever it is that you like.

As a result, your headphones must remain in excellent condition to provide maximum comfort. The material used to make the device must be sturdy, durable but light-weight. The ear cups ought to be cushioned and soft, while the headband alterable for a sure fit.

The majority of virtual surround sound headphones provide such kind of comfort.

3. High-quality sound

Naturally, sound quality ranks high among the qualities you must seek before buying your headphones. Quite often you’ll press a button or use a program to switch on the surround sound feature.

Still, without turning on surround sound, you ought to at the very least get crisp, lucid and rich sound quality.

Top headphone brands provide high-quality sound.

4. Compatibility and connection options

Compatibility and connectivity stand as crucial considerations to keep in mind when headphone shopping. Headphones are used via a 3.5mm audio jack, wireless transmission or a USB cable.

Some surround headphones require drivers for them to work with your computer. In such cases, check the compatibility properties of your headphones to owing to some models work with specific versions of Windows, Mac computers, Xbox, Sony PlayStation, etc.

The variety of compatibility and connectivity options make virtual surround headphones a handy partner for gamers.

5. Noise cancellation

Virtual surround headphones afford noise cancellation features that minimize background noise in your vicinity.

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