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Top Things To Look For When Choosing An RPO Provider For Your Business

Recruiting candidates has never been easy. You use several rounds of tests and interviews to make sure that an applicant meets your company’s requirement. This not only takes up a lot of your time but also demand an investment of other resources.

And given today’s overcrowded marketplace, there are more applicants than ever for any random job profile. This has made the overall recruitment process more challenging. Not only you have to filter applicants more closely but also have to make sure that you get the most of your investment of resources in employee hunting.

This calls for a new approach to the entire recruitment process and under today’s circumstances, the popularity of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is increasing. Small-scaled businesses to large scale enterprises are using reputed RPO providers to hire normal employees as well as management executives. Why is RPO becoming so popular?

Increasing Popularity Of RPO

Over 15 years ago, RPO was in its budding phase and there used to be a lot of clashes between HRs and recruiters over a potential candidate for a particular profile. HRs even hesitated in outsourcing their recruitment processes to recruiters, no matter how experienced they are!

RPOs have evolved a lot over the past few years and so have various industries. There are many popular businesses who choose an RPO over in-house recruitment and it has become as common and recommended as any other business process outsourcing. Human resource outsourcing companies in India believe that RPOs help businesses to gain a strategic advantage over their competitors.

Choosing An RPO Provider

Choosing the right RPO for your company’s recruitment needs becomes important. There are multiple things you can look for in an RPO provider, here are a few of them.

  • Matches Your Requirement

It is advised that before going on your RPO hunt, makes sure you have a list of things you want from a provider. For instance, if you want an SEO executive, list down the candidate’s responsibilities and your expectations, along with other things. The more descriptive you are, the easier it will be to hire the perfect candidate for your company.

Discuss the prospects with an RPO provider before choosing them. The quality of your company’s workforce defines its reputation. This is why make sure that they understand your demands and agree to match your requirements.

  • Time Commitment

Knowing the stages of hiring processes of an RPO provider can help you in making up your mind in choosing the right one. Ask a provider to discuss their hiring procedure and if they give a time commitment to their clients.

Outsourcing your recruitment process requires you to have an understanding with the RPO provider. For instance, if you have an emergency requirement of a candidate. Will the RPO go out of their way to hire the right candidate for you?

  • Client Recommendation

Do their clients recommend them?

As mentioned earlier, the popularity of RPO is increasing and a good provider has great recommendations from its clients. Ask an RPO provider for client referrals. Not just this, you can also ask their clients about their way of working and if they are professionals.

  • Use Of Tools And Analytics

HRs who use data-driven recruiting are 2x more likely to hire talent.” : LinkedIn

Ask an RPO provider you are planning to choose if they follow the conventional ways of pooling candidates for your company. RPOs have changed a lot over the past decade and they have evolved to become more professional and efficient. It doesn’t matter what industry your business functions, a good provider knows exactly how to bring the right candidate on board!

It is often seen that HRs underestimate RPOs and their capability of hiring suitable candidates for their companies. Human Resource Outsourcing companies in India believe that this particular wall is wearing down and companies have become more accepting and open to recruitment process outsourcing.

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