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If Technology Is Effective in the Classroom – Why Do Some Students Dislike It So Much?

It has been discussed several times that technology has turned the scope of learning to a major change and students are appreciating it much to use technology during their lectures and presentations. You can even check different blog posts online telling you about the benefits you may be getting when technology is used in classrooms. Now, it has become a controversial issue as the students have segregated to two different thoughts. At one side, some people find it really effective and fascinating to use technology in classroom and another group of student strongly refuses to let use the devices which latest technology has introduces. What might be the reason to their strong reaction or refusal, it can be measured through getting results from different surveys, questionnaires, discussions and forums.

Wastage of Time

Discussing about the matter, there is one prominent point of view which came forth and that is, only few of the teachers are there who are completely trained to use these devices like digital white board, computer, projector, scanner or printer and there are so many other who do not know how to operate these tools. It takes a lot of time at their part to learn to operate these technological wonders and that time, students say, can be used to deliver a lecture, to assist completing an assignment or to provide essay help to them. In their point of view, teachers are wasting so much time knowing these latest gadgets and students are suffering due to such non-professional attitude of teachers.


Another reason is students are sometimes not allowed to use these tools for a sufficient time. These are presented in front of them for a limited duration and they cannot even understand how to use them. Due to lake of knowledge about these technological devices they feel themselves uncomfortable when teachers use these things. Such students want teachers to use conventional teaching methods instead of wasting time with latest teaching tools. Students also complain that teachers use these tools to show off and they are giving much time to learn and teach about the use of these devices, they must cling to simple chalk board technique to be more effective in teaching.

Teachers are not compatible with technology

Another report shows that many of the schools and colleges are conducting learning classes and courses for their staff to be eligible for using latest techniques of teaching. It is somewhat a positive step but students are suffering due to unavailability of teachers sometimes. We can say that this step will be beneficial for future but right now, students are having complains about such activities.

Online Vs Regular class discussions

There is another complain from students that teachers are paying more attention to the comments which students pass on an online group discussion. This practice is neutralizing the importance of live class discussions. They say that online presence is counted worthy than being actively present in a class discussion. May be the technology is somehow leading source of conventional classroom failure.

Lesser resources

As we have discussed before that the whole concept of study has been changed as technology has injected itself in every bit of our system. Some students are having issue regarding lesser resources than others for example, it is not necessary to own a personal computer or laptop for all the siblings in a family. When all of them have to participate in some online class discussion, collect material for their assignment, prepare an online project or use email, all of them need a device of their own or if they share the same laptop, they will have to stay up for late and wait for their turn. Still most of these students have started feeling that online assignment making is a good thing so far.

Not all type of technology is for them

One of the student reported that teachers often spoil the tempo of teaching when they force themselves to use such devices which are not so convenient for them. She said that my teachers used simple projector usually and that was one of my favorite class. Then she started using PowerPoint and the smart board and I lost my interest because my teacher wasn’t comfortable with those tools and the class was becoming perplexed and messy. On the other hand, there are students who report that their teachers are using Skype for face to face interaction and they can also share screens to show if they are having some issues while solving a mathematical problem. Guiding over Skype is much easier than ever.

Concluding to the fact that…

we somehow managed to derive some information about why students use to hate technology use in classroom, resulting that teachers need to use a few tools which are really compatible with their skills and not to make all that complex by adding so many devices in a class. It is fundamental that they got some preparation on the off chance that they need it, and like a student recommended in some article, they should forgo utilizing confused devices on the off chance that they don’t know about how to utilize them.

What’s more, it is critical for educators to screen the endless innovative instruments and to inquire about them before acquainting them with their instructing. There is a huge fact that technology is not appropriate in every situation and it’s not the solution to every problem. this is the reason educators ought to be adjusted when utilizing it. Adopting new technologies is good but it is even better when we will use it after getting appropriate knowledge about them. There is always a chance of failing a technique when we use it wrong. On the off chance that it is required that we utilize the board and chalks to enable students to better comprehend, this is the thing that we need to do. By following these tips, we can guarantee that more and more students will be added in the list of those who love technology use in their classrooms.


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