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Best video streaming apps for Android in 2019

In order to beat the stress, we can find a lot of ways to handle it. But the thing is most of the people would like to deal it through entertainment. Well, entertainment is the main thing where everybody is looking for it after a certain level of the stage. If you are one among them who is looking for the entertainment, then you can find the best way through video streaming apps. Yes, with the support of best video streaming apps for Android, you can expect the unlimited level of entertainment than expected.

However, here we are going to discuss the best video streaming applications that work smoothly in Android devices. Let’s get into the discussion in terms of experience the best level of streaming on your Android devices that whenever required.

Cartoon HD

By using this amazing application, you can watch your favorite movies and TV series that whenever you need. The best thing about Cartoon HD is where you can watch all the videos in High Definition quality. Also, it is absolutely free to download and access on your Android devices. With the support of cartoon HD, you can watch an unlimited number of videos as per your wish and convenience. Even people who aren’t aware of accessing this application, they can easily start to use this app without any hassles. Also, it is considered to be one of the best video streaming apps for Android device.


Are you looking forward to streaming your favorite TV shows and movies? Then Hulu is one of the best apps for streaming purpose. Yes, it is not only going to offer the TV shows and movies but also a collection of anime series. With the support of Hulu application, you can find a huge collection of videos that whenever required to stream as per your convenience. By using this application, you can synchronize among other devices of your family members as well. It has the simple user interface which is easy for the users to access.

Amazon prime video

When it comes to experiencing the best level of watching videos for movies or other old videos, then Amazon prime video app is always considered to be the best choice. While handling this application, you will be also going to check out the music streaming option along with the different number of video channels. If you are looking for buying the movies to watch, then you can also get your membership that whenever you want as per convenience.


It is the application which is recognized by millions of people and started to download this app to stream their favorite videos. All you need to do is creating an account in order to enjoy the best experience. Apart from watching the videos, it is also possible for the user to streaming the gaming videos. Also, it is possible for the user to check out the news updates regularly – like the most recent one about Twitch Sound emotes. Generally, it will offer the best performance for most of the time than expected for sure.


In recent days, Netflix has become more popular among the millions of people across the globe. By using this amazing application, you can watch web series, movies, and more videos that whenever you want. By just subscribing it to this application, you can start to watch your favorite movies in High Definition.


If you are struggling to find the best video streaming apps for Android, then the above-mentioned applications are going to be helpful for sure. By using any of the apps discussed above, you can start to watch your favorite movies or TV series on your Android device without experiencing any hassles. You can also find these apps at the 9apps store, so make sure to visit it.

Disclaimer: Technofaq doesn’t associate itself with any apps that is present outside the Google Playstore. Use apps not endorsed by Google at your own risk.  This 3rd party article should be taken strictly as an informative guide for the app and we are not responsible, nor do we partake with any infringement that may happen whatsoever after installing apps outside the Google PlayStore. 

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