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Published on May 16th, 2016 | by Diogo Costa


Meizu Resorts to Crowdfunding to Launch New Product

Since being founded in 2003 and launching its first smartphone, the M8, back in 2007, Meizu has definitely evolved a lot in the smartphone niche throughout the years. Their latest model, the Meizu PRO 6, is by far one of the best devices ever that, among other features, comes with 4GB of RAM, 3 different processors that sum up with a total of 10 cores and a primary camera with 21MP.

The growth of Meizu can be measured in two ways: in sales and in expansion. In terms of sales, in 2015 alone the Chinese company sold over 20 million phones. The physical expansion also shows some great numbers, with Meizu having 4000 employees and 2000 stores across the country.

But they want to expand even further. After receiving an investment of $590 million from Alibaba in 2015, now Meizu want to reach Western markets, with a special focus on the United States. And, while they could probably do it via the traditional channels, they decided to innovate and use the launch of a new product, via crowdfunding, to potentiate that entrance in new markets.

The product in question is Gravity, a wireless speaker featuring an amazing design and not less interesting specs, which deliver a very professional sound quality. For now, it is available on the Indiegogo’s crowdfunding campaign, launched today and aiming to raise $100,000 within the next thirty days.

Gravity’s looks are incredibly stunning, and its refraction prism, used for the first time on a device like this, clearly causes impact, also because of the illusion that it is floating. But that prism is not only there to add beauty to the speaker – it features a stunning heads-­up display that shows all track information.

In terms of hardware, it is built with custom-made speakers and a dual passive resonance membrane, for a more vigorous low­ frequency output. The speaker’s amplifier is the latest 5­ series chip from Texas Instruments, which provides a more pure and clear sound.

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