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What’s New from The New Macbook Pro Keyboard

Apple just launched their new Macbook Pro. Ss always, the media is the first one who gets the specs about one of the company’s most famous device. The most interesting feature of the new device, for now, is the much quieter keyboard compared to its predecessor. You can easily notice the quiet keyboard right away while using it.

For some people, it may be a little upgrade, but if you often bring your Macbook Pro to a meeting or library, it brings such a huge and critical update. With this new keyboard, you can use the Macbook Pro for keyboard-related stuffs, like typing or browsing the web for popular sites, such as Bet 365.

Otherwise, there is no major upgrade you can find from the new Macbook Pro. It has the same butterfly switches and even the amount of key travel. Perhaps, there is something new deep inside that the company didn’t tell the media, but still the keyboard is such a big improvement. It’s such a mystery, however, about Apple decided on improving the quietness of the keyboard, instead of upgrading the whole aspects of the keyboard. There are some possibilities though. For example, they probably ended up in a failure recently while trying to upgrade another aspect besides the quietness, which didn’t give enough time to fix until the reveal. Also, we do know that besides the whole Macbook Pro, there are certain groups of people who become fans of that specific keyboard. It doesn’t close the chance that Apple is trying to get certain interest from those groups for any reason that we haven’t known yet.

Probably, there are more reasons besides those two, but for now, we think they are the most logical ones. Apple might not be so popular with keyboard failure, but they are still a company and failure is a not a rare thing in a tech company. We do remember the time when Apple offered free fixes to users who experience black eye. It is a common sense that somehow Apple ended up in some problems while upgrading the whole keyboard and while they are trying to fix it, there is not enough time to fix them all, but there is enough them to make the keyboard more quiet than ever.

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