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Wrecking Yards – Everything You Need to Know

This could be an essential part of your future as a vehicle owner, so pay attention. Your vehicle, whether it’s an SUV, a truck or sedan can be valuable when its parts are recycled. That’s its worth for wrecking yards—and why they’ll pay you for it—and how your car can be good for the environment.

Want to know more so you get a fair price one day for you junk car?  Here is some more information on selling sell your junk car to a junk yard.

Wrecking Yards Defined

At a wrecking yard you’ll find the following being done to junk vehicles:

  • Salvaging cars by stripping them of parts
  • Refurbishing old cars
  • Recycling unwanted parts

Important Regulations

You can imagine there are hazardous materials where cars are salvaged. These yards must handle them according to strict government regulations to ensure:

  • Safe disposal
  • Recycling
  • Emission reduction

Do You Need a Wrecking Yard?

Yes, almost anyone will find use of a junk yard if you have a car to get rid of, no matter what the make, model or year. Even cars you think have no value are relevant, such as when they don’t start anymore, or the mechanical problems are too big for you to solve.

These cars can still provide you with some money when the metal or parts are sold off to Tony’s Auto Removal.

The Process

Here’s what the wrecking yards do:

  • Drain the fluids to limit the hazardous material on site so there’s no risk of contaminating the environment. Remember, some fluids such as motor oil can be used in other vehicles instead of dumping it in the ground.
  • Parts are removed for recycling or reselling. Of course they also have to clean, recondition and test them to fetch the highest possible price from consumers looking for parts.
  • Some parts are recycled such as car batteries. Both the lead and casing can be used in manufacturing new ones.
  • Finally the car is crushed by a crusher. In its flat condition it can be shredded after which magnets are used to separate pieces so they can be sold off.

Are you ready to sell off your car now? You know the parts can be used for good, so why not?

But when it’s time to take your car, follow the necessary steps. This will ensure safety as well as the highest possible amount in your bank account.

Your Selling Process

  • Take away all personal items so you don’t lose valuable or sentimental items. Remember, you won’t get the option to check again after selling the car, as it then belongs to the yard. If you’re used to storing many things in your car, look in every crevice and clean it thoroughly so you don’t miss anything.
  • Do you have the title ready? Even scrapping a car still requires the ownership to be transferred. In this situation the junkyard becomes the new owner. And what if you lost these papers? Luckily your local DMV can supply a duplicate.
  • If you think you can sell off some parts, why not remove them before transferring the car to the junk yard? You may get more for them than what the junk yard offers. This includes:
    • Windows
    • Tires
    • Windshield wipers
    • Exhaust
  • Is there any gas left? Rather use this for your other vehicles than leaving it for the junkyard.
  • Remember to remove the license plates too.

Ready for the Junk Yard

Now you’re ready to contact a junk car buyer. This in itself calls for a few tips, so let’s help you get it right:

  • Get many quotes until you’re offered a reasonable price.
  • Removal must take place in your presence so ownership can be transferred.
  • Ask for cash to be paid during the transferal.

Now you know exactly how to benefit your bank balance with your next junk car. And guess what, with recycling taking place, it will benefit the environment too.

Do I have to go to the Junk Yard to get a price for my junk car?

There are lots of online services that can give you a quote right over the phone. Rusty’s Auto Salvage is one option that offers nationwide service.

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