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Introducing something great – A new beginning of Techno FAQ

We are writing today because something special happened. Something great for us, for millions of our readers worldwide. Techno FAQ started with a magazine and some brilliant writers. Sunit Kumar Nandi, an IIT student with the technical expertise and experience of an excellent engineer, made Techno FAQ a home for learners and enthusiasts. While rowing down a rip current river, millions of you joined us. We climbed to the top quickly. While on the path, we picked up sister sites Tekh Decoded, a site all about the consumer tech and NixFAQ, a Unix-family OSes, applications and open source related blog. You told us we have done great, proved by tens of thousands of returning and regular users everyday. Today we want to announce something big.

A new beginning of Techno FAQ

We are very happy to announce a new Techno FAQ family. It contains many things and new ways of connecting with our readers and writers. We strive for the best and want to give something to the community, to you readers. With this announcement, Techno FAQ is not an e-magazine anymore, but a family of blogs, services and a community. We are happy from the core to announce our new beginning and the start of something great.

Introducing Letter

From a lifelong experience on communication technology, we faced many problems. The world had solutions, but with restrictions. The world of free services costs us a part of ourselves. Day by day, people are buying things not with money, but with their privacy. But then there is another problem. Big corporations have enough money to implement great features. Others who try to provide a solution, often fail to deliver mostly loved features, keeping users locked in the grip of evil businesses. Big email providers are the big offenders when it comes to protecting privacy of the users while communicating via email. But they have tons of features.

So we came up with Letter. A privacy friendly yet feature rich email provider built ground-up to protect your privacy while sacrificing almost nothing. Our mission is to provide the best email experience with the highest privacy and the most active support for customers. Expect a total private communication without surveillance, independent of any privacy restrictive laws and regulation. Our servers are located in jurisdictions where there are laws enforcing anonymity and privacy. We also heavily encrypt any content you store in your mailbox so nobody, not even us, can read your emails. Humans have flaws, so we built things from ground-up to eliminate security and privacy holes to block us from accessing your emails in any circumstance. Nobody, in no condition can access your emails ever.

While protecting your privacy, we do not sacrifice popular features. Instead, we add more. More than what a big email provider offers. Some of the big features we have for you are:

  • Ultra stable, uninterrupted secure and fast mail server with highest uptime and globally distributed relays. Use Email, Calendar, Contacts and Bitwarden password manager with one subscription.
  • More storage than majority of the privacy email providers, as well as big email providers. Basic plan gives double the amount of storage in half the average market price. Letter charges users for storage, not for how many mailboxes you can create. So you can just opt for any package and have unlimited mailboxes or users, domains and aliases.
  • Full IMAP support, giving you the ultimate choice and freedom of using your own clients. This gives you power to use our mail service in IOT, integration and many other stuff. Many of the privacy email services do not have this functionality, but we do.
  • We include Bitwarden password manager for free, which alone costs hundreds of bucks each year when bought from other providers. It’s a fully secure, synced password manager that is also a Two Factor Authenticator. Not only can it import, sync and auto-fill your passwords in any device, but you can use it for TOTP verification instead of Google Authenticator and Authy.
  • Temporary email addresses, eliminates the need of using other services for combating suspicious email sign ups and spam. Generate auto-deleting random email addresses right from your user panel to protect your real email address.
  • High quality spam and malware scanner scans your incoming and outgoing email attachments for malware attacks and virus infection. It all works in an encrypted secure environment, and it works so great that not even a single infected email lands on your mailbox.
  • World’s most powerful and capable open source webmail client with email, calendar and contacts built in. All the modern client features are available in our webmail client SoGo, including 2FA, email forward, tasks and more.
  • Easy email configuration without the need of using complex setup information. With ActiveSync, you can sign in using three things, your email address, domain and your password. No IMAP info, no this and that.
  • CalDAV, CardDAV, Exchange with ActiveSync lets you sync your emails, contacts and calendars across multiple devices and clients.
  • Priority support for all of our subscribers and email support for lifetime subscribers. We give the same amount of effort for every user, despite the plans you chose. Business or personal email, we have your side with great support. No question is silly to us, we are super friendly.

Trust us, we have more for you. To sign up for a subscription, please browse “” and choose a plan that suits you most. For discussion, please join the Telegram group. If you need assistance or help, please use the live chat on the Letter homepage.

Introducing Market by TechnoFAQ

We have done something different. With the ambition to provide the best, we created a digital marketplace named Market by TechnoFAQ, with a mission to provide high quality digital products, services and subscriptions with international payment systems and cryptocurrency as a payment option. We have highly talented designers, developers and engineers expert in creating, supporting and marketing various digital solutions for you. With the expertise and experience working with globally recognized brands and with rich portfolios, we are ever-ready to provide unique solutions to big challenges.

Contrary to the majority, our collaboration on solving problems is very unique. To design better marketing materials, we collaborate with our marketing experts. For providing custom hosting solutions for any scenario, we collaborate with our engineers and server experts. We have world class graphic designers who can make your message reachable and effective through arts and the power of media. We have created user experiences that are helping millions of users navigate, designed sites that millions of visitors use, created content that sent messages to millions of potential customers worldwide.

In market, we are offering:

  • Buy from 150+ countries with tons of currency options.
  • Pay with crypto – BTC, ETH, USDC and more.
  • Buy custom hosting solutions, security services, managed hosting solutions, ZNC, Weechat, Quassel, Irssi solutions.
  • Get custom design solutions for your app, websites, marketing and others.

And more. Our marketplace features:

  • Highly skilled designers, developers, engineers and marketing experts.
  • Experience working with top international brands and businesses.
  • World class service with highly secure servers and infrastructure.
  • Unique collaboration among designers, developers, engineers and marketers to make solutions better and effective.
  • Experience working with broadcasting media, social media and marketing agencies, so we have the expertise to make your project shine in any target mediums.
  • Excellent after sales service and super friendly support. We are experts with an open mind and heart.
  • No fuss, no corporate jargon when dealing with educational and small businesses.
  • Highly competitive and affordable solutions.

Browse our deals at “” and we are also available for contracts for design solutions here and custom managed hosting solutions here.

Introducing Techno FAQ ZNC

IRC is one of the most secure and private ways of communication. It is also open unlike the majority of the current messaging options. IRC is still popular among developers and enthusiasts. With the open standard and easy way to unrestricted communication, IRC is still the choice of hundreds of thousands of regular users. We host the ZNC bouncer to keep you logged in to the IRC network and deploy your own bots and tools. We are also one of the few recognized and certified ZNC hosting providers. With the expertise in ZNC and other messaging services such as Rocket.Chat and XMPP, we are also available for contracts for your custom chat hosting.

Check our ZNC service here. We can also host your own Rocket.Chat, XMPP, IRC (ZNC, Weechat, Quassel, Irssi). With Quassel, you can keep your chat history persistent so it stays even when you switch devices. To order your custom IRC hosting, you can click here and choose a package.

There is more

Techno FAQ didn’t stop here, but this time, we want to be closer to our audience. Diving in the community and having discussions. You are important. Suggestions, healthy discussions, debates and feedback helps us to be lively and improve ourselves. Sharing is caring, so we have joined your favorite platforms, Telegram and Discord. We have created groups and channels to post updates and talk with you casually. The main mission of this initiative is to hear our readers from close and make their voice heard. We want to have chitchats, be friends and share knowledge or just memes with you.

Come join us at Telegram here, and Discord here.

Lots of our readers also want to be writers. We have guests post for a while now, but we want to expand it more. With chat groups, users can discuss something and gain more knowledge about writing and blogging. We already have some friendly folks at Techno FAQ who would love to share their experiences with the community. We believe talking helps to relieve anxiety and loneliness, and we are also here for this reason. Have a discussion any time.

We also have tech nerds and geeks all over our community who love to discuss technology, blockchain, apps, development, internet and open source world. And we also love memes. Humor is always appreciated. Long story short, we don’t want our community to be boring and lifeless, filled with corporate jargons about specific things of Techno FAQ. Instead we are a pretty open community for our readers, writers and well wishers.


Techno FAQ isn’t just an e-magazine anymore. We are alive and more than it. We introduced you to our family of Techno FAQ that includes Letter, a privacy first email service with tons of features, Market by TechnoFAQ, a digital marketplace for high quality digital goods and services, Techno FAQ ZNC which enables users to connect with the world using IRC + ZNC. We are together along with Tekh Decoded, NixFAQ and our wholesome readers. With new ways to connect, we now want to be close to our readers. Discussing things about and not about Techno FAQ. We strongly recommend you to join our new Telegram and Discord group. To all the TechnoFAQ members, readers and well wishers, we are glad to have you and we wish you a very great day. Thank you so much for being with us.

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