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10 Tips to Optimize The Content for Social Media Marketing Campaign

Are you a content marketer?

Do you have active accounts on the social media platforms?

If the answer is yes to both questions, then it’s essential that you use the social networks to promote and share your content.  With social media leaping ahead of traditional advertising, it’s become the go-to tool to draw in an audience to build your business.  And while a large majority of businesses are in fact active on the social networks, only a relative few successfully optimize their content to create and maintain a significant social media presence.

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Social media essentially provides a space for consumers and sellers to find each other.  It introduces your brand to an audience, and if your content is strong, will not only keep that audience coming back for more but will lead to loyal followers sharing your work that can make it go viral.

But properly optimizing your content is key to making it all work, and with that in mind, here are 10 tips to optimize your content for social media.

1)  Promote Top-Notch Content

No secret formula here, the better your content, the larger your audience.  View your content the same way you view your website, you wouldn’t put together a cheap looking site, so don’t put in a mediocre effort with your content.  You’re going to be promoting your work across various social networks to thousands, if not millions of people, and it’s crucial to invest in or create content that’s relevant, well-written, and attractive – this includes making sure your blog posts are easy-to-read, images clear, and the presentation in your videos is high quality.

2)  Mix Things Up

The world of social media is a fast moving one.  In fact, the pace is so rapid that it can be quite a challenge to capture and keep an audience’s attention.  The trick is to attract viewers with a variety of content types that range from helpful and entertaining blog posts to eye-catching visuals, from informative and intriguing infographics to useful video tutorials.  Don’t confuse this with trying to be everything to everyone, though, you’re simply giving your visitors options in how to access your information in the most convenient ways possible for them.  You can even include a daily, weekly, or monthly podcast that will build your audience’s level of engagement.

3)  Keep Your Post Headlines Nice and Short

If you’re familiar with Twitter, then you know the value of a single character.  The 140 character cap can feel pretty stifling when you have a message to get out, so you need to use every edge you can to get the most bang out of each character’s buck.  Creating shorter headlines can do a lot to give you the necessary space when you fire off those tweets.  On top of that, shorter headlines have the built-in ability to generate a stronger feeling of urgency, compelling its viewers to both clicks on the link to an article and then share it as well.  And keep in mind, your headlines aren’t just seen on your websites or Twitter feed, but also in search results, Facebook feeds, Pinterest accounts and much more.

4)  Keep Them Catchy

The internet is a copycat factory.  An almost overwhelming amount of the same ideas, information, and news within any industry are constantly being re-spun and posted on any number of sites in a particular genre.  The thing is though that you can only repackage a topic so many times, and one way to get your content to rise above the pack is to not just punch out a quick headline, but instead, design your headlines to hook viewers interest.  The more they’re interested, the better the chance they share or click on your article’s link, it’s just that simple.

5)  Use A Tool

Although it’s easy to say you need to put out great content, it’s a lot tougher to actually create it.  Fortunately, there’re some great tools out there that can help you consistently provide informative, captivating content.  Here’s the top three:

  • Ubersuggest – Sometimes it can be tough to figure out what you want to write about.  However, if you know the general topic but just need some help on a specific subject, Ubersuggest can help you out.  Ubersuggest looks at your keywords and from there, taps Google for subject suggestions – a great way to get the creation sparks flying.
  • Flash Essay – If you’re not a writer, or would just like some help to take some of the work off your hands, Flash Essay is a highly trusted professional writing service that provides reliable, terrific work.
  • Canva – If you’re looking to post eye-catching visuals, Canva is the tool for you.  Canva’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create stunning imagery and is ideal for the small to midsize content marketer.

6)  You Want Those Social Networking Buttons To Pop Out

When you’ve created content your readers love, they’re going to want to share it.  So make it nice and easy for them to find the social networking buttons that can spread a word of your amazing work with just a simple click.  And although different SEO experts will suggest different places put your sharing buttons, the most effective way to figure out what’s optimal is to experiment with different styles and locations for them.  Just remember, whether it’s putting the buttons in the footer, the header, or setting them up to move to the page, your single goal is to make it as simple as possible for your visitors to promote your work.

7)  Show Off Your Worth

Modesty is not a virtue when promoting your content, and using your site or blog as a way to let your visitors know how valuable you are is part of great optimization.  Displaying the number of shares under your social media buttons is a way to clearly and instantly demonstrate a level of social proof.  A visitor seeing that one of your articles has been tweeted 80 times, is effectively the same thing as 80 people recommending you should read it.  Besides, it’s human nature to go with the flow, and if someone sees that others are sharing your content, he’ll be more likely to share it as well.

8)  Aim For Emotions

People make decisions emotionally.  So by designing your content to surprise, induce joy, draw anger, create awe, or even to tap into people’s natural desire to share a message, you’ll trigger your visitor’s emotions and vastly improve your chances that they’ll click on a “share” button.  Whether it’s a new article, an episode of your podcast or video you put together, put a focus on generating a particular emotional response in your readers.  Are you looking to motivate with “10 Ways You’re Better Than Your Competition”?  What about fascinate with “The Psychological Power Of NLP Selling”?  If you’d don’t have an emotional weight to your content, it’s going to be tougher to induce visitors to share your work.

9)  Schedule Your Posts A Day To A Week In Advance

You never know what’s going to come up in your day-to-day life, so give yourself a buffer zone and schedule your content in a way that gives enough time to adjust to unforeseen events.  Consistent posting of new content is a big factor in whether or not your social media marketing succeeds, and making sure you give yourself enough time to get it out there is a great way to not let your audience down.

10)  Post New Content At Least 1-3 Times A Day

If you’re looking to build a real presence on social media, you want to get great content out there on a daily basis – and the more high-quality content you can get out there the better you’ll do.  You just need to find an optimal balance where you’re keeping yourself in your audience’s mind without overwhelming them; I recommend experimenting with different frequencies of content release to see how your audience responds.


And there you go – 10 tips to best optimize your content for social media marketing.  And while these are all effective techniques, don’t feel like you have to implement each one.  Figure out which ones work best for you, stay focused and you’ll be on your way to a successful marketing campaign.

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