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The 11 Mobile Applications in Searching an Apartment of Your Choice in the City

The apartment is a second home especially for people who moved into the center of the city from their different hometowns. Aside from looking for a stable job, finding an apartment that gives you comfort, accessibility, as well as safety will be your next problem.

Due to technology development, finding an apartment won’t be a hassle anymore. You can now download a mobile application that will help you look for an apartment of your choice. That said, here are some of the useful apps that you can try for you to start searching an apartment.

Apartment Finder

If you’re new in the city, it’ll be a bit difficult for you to roam around and search for an apartment. Apartment Finder is an app that will help you find a good one. It uses Google Map to find out the exact apartment’s location.

The app also shows the amenities of the apartment, as well as the prices so you’ll know which is the cheaper one if you’re in a tight budget. Moreover, the app filters the search according to the information you’ve keyed in the search bar. It’s easy to use, convenient, and user-friendly.


The RentCompass is based in Canada. It has been known as a pioneer in making Android, iPhone, and iPad real estate apps. It provides the most reliable source of information about any rental property around the country.

The app is safe to use for both property owners and renters. All the property managers or owners are required to verify their accounts through their credit cards to avoid unknown identity to post anything on the app. Hence, both owners and renters can avoid fraudulent activities or scams.

Every time you search for a particular apartment using the app, you can see the results on a map. You can roam around the location like neighbors, highways, and other facilities near the apartment building.

You can also search for a particular type of apartment according to your preference. Make it sure to key in the correct words in the search bar for the app to provide you the expected results.


It’s an application with AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature that will filter the search properly giving you a list of apartments of your choice. When you search for an apartment using this app, you’ll be asked to describe the apartment you want, and the app will do a thorough search matching with the descriptions you’ve provided.

Descriptions of the apartment you’re looking for, the price range of your budget and the apartment location are the information you need to key in the search bars. After that, you’ll be seeing search results which are more specific and detailed.

The app will also provide you with the details of the apartments in the search results like the different amenities, the layout of the apartment building, and other helpful information.

The app will let you see the details of the apartment on a three-dimensional tour. You’ll have to see it yourself first before meeting the renters in person for further information like the terms and conditions as well as the rules and regulations within the apartment premises.

Lovely Rent Apartments

If you’re looking for an updated list of rental apartments, download the Lovely app on your phone. It deals with a lot of apartment providers. It also updates the data in the app according to the information given by the apartment owners.

Since the app has the up-to-date list of apartments, you’ll surely get the chance to find one that you’ve always dreamed and wanted.

Apartment List

It’s a mobile application with various useful features to help you successfully search an apartment you want. You’ll be asked of your preferences to key in the search bars. Then, the app will filter the information and provide you a list of apartments from different locations matching the descriptions you’ve keyed in.

The app also categorizes the search results for your convenience. Everytime you click a particular apartment, you’ll see a lot of high-quality photos that you can browse. It’ll give you information like the availability date of the apartment unit, the price, discounts if there’s any, the available amenities, as well as the policies set by the owner.

You can also contact the apartment owners using the app before your meet-up. You can discuss in advance about the particular policies like curfew, accepting visitors, using the amenities intended for all renters, as well as the pet policy. Because of this, you’ll know what to expect in the apartment before meeting the owner.

It’s another useful mobile application for people looking for an apartment especially at the center of the city. The app will show you different photos of apartments for you to see the one matching with your preferences.

The same with the other apps, filters your search. You can filter your search by keying in your budget, the number of bathroom and bedroom, as well as the apartment types in the search bars. It also gives you category according to the age range of the renters as well as their professions like a military officer, doctor, or a student.

The app will also let you know the amenities of what the apartment offers as well as the expected additional fees. You can also have a three-dimensional tour of the apartment before the actual visit of the location yourself.

Zillow Rentals

The app is useful for people looking for rental homes and apartments. Just like the other applications, Zillow allows you to see different photos, the building structure, ceiling and floor designs, and the available amenities that renters can take advantage of.

You can also filter the search results by entering the specific features of the apartment you’re looking for in the search bar like its pet policy, garage availability in the location, and other particular parts of the apartment that you want.

HotPads Apartments

There are a lot of mobile applications to help you look for an apartment. However, HotPads will surely give you more detailed and specific search results. Other apps will provide you with a list of apartments from a particular country, but this app lets you see a list from the major towns and cities.

This way, it’ll give you more details of the area like the community in the neighborhood, the location of nearby shopping malls, schools, drugstores, parks, and other essential parts of the city. You can make your decision after visiting the apartment through the app, either contacting the apartment owner or moving on your search.

Apartment Guide

The app is so popular for people who are looking for an apartment. It has many helpful features. You can even share the list of apartments in different categories to people you know who are also looking for an apartment, or if you’re asking for an opinion from them.

You can also contact the leasing offices of the apartment units by sending them emails and even giving them phone calls. It makes so convenient in your part most especially if you need to move into a new apartment as soon as possible.


Just like any other apartment hunting apps, Trulia allows you to see the price of the units, as well as photos that were taken in the interior and exterior parts of the apartment.

One exciting feature of the app is that it allows you to contact the manager of the property. For all your concerns and questions regarding the apartment unit, you don’t need to fill out any paper for documentation or look for the phone numbers to contact the property manager. You can directly make a call to address your concerns.


Moving into a city serves as your stepping stone for better opportunities. To get off on the right foot, you have to choose a comfortable, accessible, and safe apartment. If you successfully found one, you can start cleaning and renovating the entire apartment if you want. This is to ensure that your apartment is homey and comfortable.

Apartment hunting has been a problem for those people who live in the city. It’s somewhat hard to match the price with the apartment quality. Also, it’s so tiring to roam around the town visiting from one apartment to another. To avoid these things from happening to you, start downloading one of the apps above in finding an apartment of your choice.

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