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What To Do If Your Software Experiences A Data Breach

Every successful company these days knows the risk of data breaches and none of them want to have it happen to them. It’s an overwhelming and stressful scenario, not just because of the breach itself (which of course is wildly nightmarish to handle), but because of the responsibility that comes afterward.

It’s pretty convenient storing personal user data in electronic data, however it makes it ripe for hackers and thieves to break into the “secure” system and steal credit card numbers and other personal information. In order to combat these hacks, businesses need to seriously step up their security game and protective measures. Two-step authentication is a good way to start, but ultimately won’t protect against thieves and hackers on its own.

In the event of a data breach, you want your company to be prepared to handle it. It might require a bit of extra work and consistent vigilantism, but it’s definitely worth it in the event of a worst case scenario. If your business has user data breached, here are the first steps you should take.

Find out what was stolen

Was it monetary from the company itself? Was it personal user data and payment information like credit card numbers? Understanding the nature of the breach and what was taken will help you communicate to your customers and help to lessen the impact of it.

Be transparent

This step is the most crucial: tell your users what happened, and don’t let them find out on their own. Accept responsibility and provide as much information as you can, details included. You want to let everyone know what happened, what you are doing or have done about it, and what kind of incentive or bonus you are going to offer the group of people affected by the breach. Try not to dwell on how it all happened to begin with, as not many people will be as interested in that as much as they are with the solution to the problem, but don’t lie or try and cover up a mistake.

Find the source

In order to know where it came from, and who to hold responsible, you need to find the source of the breach. Calling a third party company, like a digital forensics Cleveland agency, can make the process streamlined and help you find your answers faster. Understanding the root of the issue will also help you figure out how to mitigate the problem both for the short term and long term. Also, because the data breach happened on the watch of your current IT provider, it might be a good idea to hire a third party just in case your current provider is biased towards keeping their job. If you bring in a third party, they will remain unbiased and accurately assess the issue, the source, and the solution.

Learn from it

Sometimes these events happen, especially with data breaches occurring more often. Draw conclusions from the chaos and the mistakes, and invite your team to an open dialogue to discuss what happened and how to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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