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Tips to Plan the Perfect Workation in 2022

The 2020 pandemic took the world by storm and altered our lives forever. Our world was opened to a whole new reality of good, bad, and ugly. However, as much as it had its perils, the lockdown brought about many notable innovations as we all sought ways to continue living.

As the saying goes, “Necessity is the Mother of inventions,” the restrictions opened us up to a whole new mode of working; remotely. It’s no secret that working from home has transformed the labor market and opened up an array of opportunities we could never have thought of. Research shows remote work has greatly increased productivity and opened the door for a whole new level of creativity.

However, not everyone has fallen in love with this new trend of working from home. The extroverts and socially dynamic individuals miss working in-person. But that shouldn’t be a problem anymore thanks to workations!

A workation is basically a blend of work and vacation, and although this isn’t a new working concept, the growing trend of remote work has made it more popular. Today, you can tick your to-do lists while keeping up to tabs with your social network.

A typical workation works this way: you spend your mornings doing office work while the evenings are reserved for a day out with close friends, colleagues, and family. Sounds like a great idea, right?

However, a lot of thought goes into planning for a workation. You’ve got to ensure that neither work nor vacation suffers. That’s why we decided to throw in these tips to help you plan the perfect workation.

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Take the right people along

The purpose of your workation mustn’t be forgotten–work and vacation–and having the right company is key to achieving this. Ensure that you’re accompanied by people of similar goals. That way, you’ll have the right pieces to motivate you on an off-day and good company to vibe with when it’s time to have fun.

Choose the right spot

Once you’ve made up your mind on what to do and who is coming along with you, the next thing to do is decide on the right location for your workation. Accommodation goes a long way in determining how much you enjoy your workation.

Decide on whether you’ll be renting an apartment, a hotel room, or a beach house. You’ll need a strong internet connection for a successful workation, so be sure the spot you pick includes this.

Furthermore, find out whether or not there’s a designated spot for you to work; a separate meeting room, good work tables and chairs, shelves, lights, etc. All these items will increase your work productivity.

Ps: Don’t work from your bed. It doesn’t end well.

Looking for a great workation site? Check out the 10 best destinations for a workation that will help you stay productive.

There’s time to work! There’s time to play

This is the biggest challenge you’ll face: shuffling work time and play time. However, it’s important to strike a balance by creating a clear cut distinction between the two.

Set strict schedules for work and leisure. While routines can get boring, they’ll ensure you maintain the much needed work-play balance. You can choose five, six hours of the day for work and a defined time for leisure.

Also, you may choose to break down your work time into bits or go for a full stretch. It’s up to you to choose whatever works best.

Having an accountability structure will be helpful. That way, you’re able to track your consistency and make the needed adjustments whenever you find yourself lagging.

Have a budget

It’s easy to get carried away by the activity and forget one of the most important factors that can guarantee a successful workation; money.

A workation can be more expensive than working from home, unless you choose to go the conservative route. So, how much exactly does a workation cost?

It all depends on a number of factors, such as the place you plan to go, the room or villa you want to lodge at, food and entertainment, and how long you plan to stay. You can opt for a less expensive apartment if you’ll only be spending a few days at the site.

In addition, expenses differ depending on whether you’re organizing a do-it-yourself workation or going for a structured paid program. Keep in mind that rent is more expensive in high-income areas than in places where the cost of living is low.

Take time to plan your budget, and be disciplined to stick with it.

Delegate tasks

As much as possible, ensure that you’re not the only one doing all the work. Make sure your team members are up to speed and ready to stick to strict deadlines. That way, you won’t be spending your leisure time doing another person’s work.

Enjoy yourself

Of course! As humans, sometimes we get so carried away with work that we forget to relax and enjoy the finer things life has to offer. When it is time to have fun, get up from your workspace and enjoy yourself.


For years, humans have been seeking to achieve the right balance between work and leisure. And that is exactly what is staring at us today.

Now, you can tick all the boxes at your workplace and have fun like you always wanted. With these tips, you are guaranteed a fun and fulfilling workation. Start planning!

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