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0 The Must-Have Resource for PowerPoint Presentations in Remote Work Environments

At the heart of every PowerPoint presentation is the content, which does everything from idea communication to holding audience attention. Producing, managing, and showcasing high-quality content is the biggest challenge for all presenters. Using the same stock PowerPoint templates with overused designs, verbose slides, and unappealing visuals don’t really help in standing out and communicating your content in a differentiated manner. You need to use attractive and professional designs, keep the text to a minimum and follow a consistent theme. But doing all of this can be time-consuming.

What if making presentations was just as quick as delivering them? What if you had a starting point for your content and all you needed to do was edit it a bit? Look no further, SlideUpLift does all this for you. SlideUpLift provides you with a 30,000+ collection of visually appealing and result-oriented PowerPoint Templates that will cater to all your professional presentation needs.

  • Ready to use, customizable templates – SlideUpLift provides you with highly curated and completely customizable PowerPoint templates. All you need to do is pick your desired template and add in your content. Every PowerPoint template is designed by PowerPoint specialists and graphic designers keeping in mind the principles of vision science.
  • Vast Library of Business Templates – SlideUpLift has a library of 30,000+ PowerPoint templates specifically focused on the needs of business professionals. The library consists of templates ranging from Executive Summary, Timeline, Roadmap to Project Management, and many more. Below are some template collections widely popular amongst business professionals:

  • Executive Summary Templates

Sticking to the time limit is one of the golden rules for presenters. It shows preciseness and professionalism. SlideUpLift’s collection of executive summary templates are designed to exude clarity and conciseness in a visually rich format, providing a complete overview of your presentation in the allotted time, making for a highly impactful presentation.

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  • 30-60-90 day Planning

The 30-60-90 day plan Templates are extremely helpful to professionals in achieving their objectives. They help to develop and present time-bound plans to the different stakeholders and management of the company. They also help to organize, prioritize and sort objectives with accuracy and detail.

  • Timelines

Timeline presentations are often a tedious and time-consuming task to create. That is not the case anymore. SlideUplift provides you with a massive library of Timeline Powerpoint templates that you can use to create highly engaging project timelines detailing the company’s major milestones, history, business highlights, and company evolution in a matter of minutes.

  • Case Study

Case studies often act as foundations for business plans. SlideUplift’s collection of case study templates covers a large scope of business cases to help you present business successes, partnerships, client history and relationships, and a lot more.

  • Roadmap

These presentation templates highlight the company strategy and give a basic idea of the plan the company needs to follow to achieve its future goals. SlideUplift’s roadmap PowerPoint Templates help simplify complex information and plans into a small set of action steps that are visually appealing and easy to understand for the audience.

  • PowerPoint Themes

SlideUpLift has a vast collection of ready-to-use PowerPoint Themes ranging from Project Management to Business Planning to Business Review and many more. These ready to use presentation decks help you get a starting point for all your presentations and come in handy in saving hours making presentations from scratch.

The most notable features of SlideUpLift are:

  1. Free PowerPoint Templates – A major feature of SlideUpLift setting it apart, is the huge library of free PowerPoint templates it provides. Not only are these free but also customized to your business needs and designed with the same visual science principles that all its paid slides are created on. Add to cart option – In a highly occupied space where the Internet is constantly hoarded, SlideUpLift not only provides you free templates but also the option of purchasing a single PowerPoint template with its Add to cart option, as opposed to most Template services which vary from monthly to yearly subscriptions at exorbitant prices.
  2. Membership Plans – Alongside the add-to-cart option, Slideuplift also provides you with the most affordable memberships in the Template space at $9.99 for 6-months access to an ever-growing stream of PowerPoint Templates, that are continuously evolving in design and improving overall presentation output.
  3. Increased Productivity (PowerPoint AddIn) – SlideUpLift also provides a PowerPoint add-in so you can now search and download your templates from within the PowerPoint application saving you immense amounts of time and effort spent on manually searching templates online, downloading and then applying them to your presentation.
  4. Compatibility – Presentations play a key role in businesses and corporates are expected to be always ready. Any disruptions can prove to be fatal. SlideUpLift gives you the ability to create and design presentations anywhere, anytime using any device you want. SlideUpLift’s PowerPoint Templates are compatible with Google slides making sure nothing comes between you and your presentations, so you can download your favorite template and even present it from your smartphone.
  5. The SlideUpLift Blog – A powerful repository of presentation resources to help you create stunning influential presentations.
  6. YouTube channel – A video library full of video tutorials on PowerPoint Presentations, to help you use PowerPoint better and create impactful business presentations.
  7. Customer service – SlideUpLift also provides unparalleled customer service. Be it something as simple as customizing a template, SlideUpLift’s customer service representatives are at your disposal 24×7 ensuring you have the smoothest Presentation making experience.

In its entirety, it can be said that SlideUpLift is the one-stop solution for managing all your business presentation needs from one place. Just select a template, upload your data, edit your presentation to make winning PowerPoint presentations. All these features make SlideUpLift an absolute bang for the buck!

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