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Home Decorating Ideas Eco Friendly Tips for House Makeover

A home makeover is not just an opportunity to let your creativity loose; it is also a chance to improve energy efficiency. As time goes on, our energy needs keep growing and it is important to be as rational and efficient with our resources as possible. However, that doesn’t mean we should make compromises when it comes to our living conditions or amenities. There are clever ways to accomplish both lavish luxury and efficient energy use. One example of such intelligent use of eco-friendly home decoration hacks are the gorgeous Solstice Condos in Mississauga.

Therefore and without further a due, here are some ways you can convert your home into a smart & eco-friendly palace.

1. Start Simple & Small

One home renovation alone is not nearly enough to solve the world’s energy crisis. Overnight transformations are nearly impossible, so start with simple and small tasks and jobs instead of getting overwhelmed. Making environmentally conscious decisions is the name of the game here. Examples of such decisions include ensuring your living space is free of mold, installing low-flow showerheads in all of your bathrooms, converting to energy-efficient lighting, using a rain barrel to capture rainwater and re-using that water to water your garden and many other similar hacks. (For more inspiration on starting with small, eco-friendly tasks, check out some of the solutions incorporated by Contreat Australia).

2. Switch To VOC-Free Paints

VOCs are chemicals released at room temperatures and are bad for both your health and the environment. Released in gas form from products such as lacquers, paint strippers, paints, carpets, furniture and building materials, VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. It is important to steer clear of them for obvious reasons, as going green means not harming yourself or the environment. There are plenty of healthy and environmentally safe alternatives for every single product out there. An example of using VOC-free materials and paints are the Solstice Condos in Mississauga.

3. Opt For Eco-Friendly Furniture

One of the most important rules of “going green” is following the reusing policy . This is another way of saying that going green is all about finding a new use for items that don’t need discarding and can be applied or used another way. Following the reusing policy means you shouldn’t discard old furniture or antiques. Complement such practice by opting for new furniture that incorporates eco-friendly materials and is designed with versatility in mind. This includes using materials like certified-sustainable wood, recycled metal springs and the like. Also, using materials like bamboo and cork ensures both extreme durability and a “green” component, as bamboo can be harvested again and again. The Solstice Condos in Mississauga are a treasure trove of sustainable design and engineering, so check them out if you need more inspiration.

4. Floors Are A Perfect Opportunity To Practice Going “Green”

Changing the flooring in your house or apartment qualifies as a larger renovation.  If this is among your home decoration plans, think about opting for reclaimed wood or some other form of green flooring. You can also choose bamboo wood flooring and can buy online. It is not only renewable and durable, but gorgeous looking as well. The reason why reclaimed wood is green is very simple: it is essentially made of recycled trees that are collected from previous constructions. When choosing the new flooring for your home, make sure to decide on flooring that does not contain any hazardous organic compounds. When it comes to the price, it varies depending on the intricacies of the manufacturing process. For ideas on various designs, colors and decoration hacks of reclaimed wood for flooring, pay a visit to Solstice Condos.

5. Breathe New Life Into Old Wood Pieces

There are several reasons why re-using wood for various different purposes in your apartment or home is a great idea. For one, it is obviously a green way to re-use existing resources. However, what many forget to pay attention to is that salvaged wood has the power to give various rooms in your home a rustic character. This not only keeps with the eco-friendly theme of the renovation, but it is also an ingenious way to showcase your creativity at zero expense. Just think: using reclaimed timber to create two completely different pieces of furniture, like a console table or night stand and an art display shelf or picture frame, is not only cool but also a smart use of limited resources. Wood can be used in countless different ways and all you need to make the most of it is a bit of effort. You know where you can get some inspiration for reusing old, wooden pieces? Mississauga’s Solstice Condos.

6. Go Solar To Complete The Picture

The biggest benefit of feeling the rays of the sun making their way through the clouds isn’t just feeling happier; it is the opportunity you can capitalize on by taking advantage of this eco-friendly and natural energy source. How? By installing solar panels, of course. The Solstice Condos are yet again an example of the countless benefits of this system of harvesting free energy. The moment you receive your energy bill will be the moment you feel its benefits. The troublesome part, however, is the fact that it is still expensive to install solar panels. If you opt  against this solution, alternatively you can try to improve your home’s insulation.

7. Need More Eco-Friendly Tips For A Home Makeover? Seek Inspiration At Solstice Condos

Completed in 2008, the Solstice Condos are a masterpiece of contemporary design and eco-friendly engineering and architecture. Boasting a plethora of benefits thanks to its “green” design and apartment amenities, this condo complex soars 38 storeys into the sky and offers no less than 375 units. Each unit comes with modern features that keep with the sustainable philosophy of the building’s design. Brimming with innovative and green solutions and features, the Solstice Condos are both an ideal living space for environmentally conscious families and individuals who seek inspiration for “green” makeovers of their own.

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