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Smart Home Gadgets to Help You Easily Clean the House

Majority of people do not want to clean their homes. They want to have a spick and span house, but they do not enjoy doing household chores. In most communities, hiring helpers is costly. Thanks to technology, they now have an option: smart home gadgets!

Smart devices have flooded the market to provide a reprieve for homeowners. They automate the process of cleaning. You can even control these gadgets through your smartphone. Because it saves you time and effort, having these smart home gadgets can be economical in the long run.

Although some smart home gadgets need customization and a little know-how, most smart cleaning gadgets are the plug-and-go type. After set up, they do not require much maintenance. The cost of these gadgets varies, depending on the use and brand. Thus, if you want to ease the burden of house cleaning, you can decide to use some of the smart home gadgets below.

1. Air Purifier

For anyone who has allergies to air impurities, an air purifier is an essential gadget. Many air purifier models ensure 99.97% capture of allergens and dust. Moreover, they kill germs through the UV-C light and suck in odors through the charcoal filter.

Some air purifier models are also controllable through an app. You can monitor air purity in a room through a color ring and numerical index in real-time.

Through the app, you will know the air quality and even monitor trends. You can then set your air purifier to a higher setting so that it can work harder.

2. Robot Mop

Homeowners do not like mopping floors because they find it tedious. Fortunately, the robot mop is one of the smart home gadgets now available in the market.

It can clean hard floors like stone, tile, and hardwood. It can even mop sinks and toilets, and underneath cabinets. You will come home to a sparkling clean house.

The robot mop can select the right cleaning method automatically: dry sweeping, damp sweeping and wet mopping, depending on the pad attached to it.

Moreover, it is capable of checking its surroundings before spraying the cleaning solution to loosen debris and dirt. You have peace of mind that it will not damage your walls and furniture.

3. Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum, like any of the smart home gadgets, is an indispensable gadget in the home. Most homeowners love it because it can navigate around objects. The robot vacuum cleans different floor types continuously for over an hour. It responds to voice commands through Google Assistant or Alexa. Furthermore, the robot vacuum is programmable and controllable through an app.

If you are a busy person, you can schedule the robot vacuum to clean your floors while you perform other tasks. In fact, you can leave it on while you do some errands or go to work. You come home to a spic and span home without worries.

4. Robot Window Cleaner

If you are like most people, you hate window cleaning because it is inconvenient and dangerous. Thanks to technology, you do not need to climb up a ladder to clean those windows. The robot window cleaner can do the job!

All you need to do is control its movement through remote control. The robot window cleaner can remove dust, dirt, and stains. Its microfiber pads ensure that you get squeaky clean windows in no time at all.

5. Automatic Carpet Cleaner

Cleaning the carpet can be an arduous task, especially if you have pets. A portable carpet cleaner can spray, suction, and brush automatically to remove even the toughest stains. Smart home gadgets like an automatic carpet cleaner can be a great help. You save time and effort in cleaning after your pets, kids, and spouse!

6. Robot Grill Cleaner

Summertime is a time for barbecue parties! You can have your friends come over to your house to taste your sumptuous barbecue. Summer is a time to have fun. Undoubtedly, your griller has become a permanent fixture in your backyard. You enjoy grilling, but surely you do not enjoy cleaning your griller.

Thankfully, the automatic grill cleaner, one of the smart home gadgets, can scrub your grill thoroughly before you keep it in storage until the next summer.

7. Robot Gutter Cleaner

If you are someone who is afraid of heights, you will not want to clean your gutters. However, your gutters need cleaning too. You cannot leave debris and leaves to pile up. Fortunately, you can now use different smart home gadgets like the robot gutter cleaner to do the job for you.

You need to put the robot gutter cleaner in your gutter and leave it there to break debris and throw them to the ground below. You can use a remote control or activate its automatic setting, so you have fewer trips up your gutters.

8. Robot Pool Cleaner

For your in-ground pool, you can use a robot pool cleaner. This cleaner has a filter, pump, and vacuum cleaner that will remove leaves, algae, dirt, hair, and bacteria. It moves around effectively in the pool area. You will press a button and drop it in your pool. You can do more important tasks as the robot pool cleaner does its job.

With this robot cleaner, you need not exert effort brushing your pool up and down. You need not stay out under the hot sun. The robot pool cleaner will clean all areas of the pool in no time at all.


Majority of people may not want to use smart home gadgets because they are not knowledgeable about technology. They need more information about technology before they become confident about using these gadgets.

If you are one of these individuals, you can arm yourself with the necessary techie information by reading online. It helps that there is a community of technology enthusiasts in “Techno FAQ” to help you.

Technology can help you make your house squeaky clean. Reading about these smart home gadgets help you make a decision that you will not regret in your lifetime.

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