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How to Market Your MSP Firm

According to recent research findings, small business administration does estimate that over 51% of new businesses do fail within their first five years of operation. Lots of possible reasons that lead to their failure have been discussed with the main ones being poor location, lack of experience and insufficient capital.

However, with the experience of working with hundreds of computer consultants and small MSP marketing services, it is clear that the main reason why small business owners fail is that they do not use the right marketing strategies.

Below are essential tips to help you market your MSP firm.

1. Have a close work relationship with your sales team

The sales representatives and marketing team always have the same goal, which is to increase sales. However, they should work together to attain that goal. It will never make sense if, for example, a sales team works towards signing five new clients while the marketing team comes up with a campaign that will attract prospects who are interested in network security. All marketing campaigns need to be aligned with the goals and activities of the sales team for maximum efficiency.

2. Have the right strategy

Both the marketing and sales team must develop a coordinated approach whenever they meet. The method can start by creating a description of what the right clients would look like for the service or product you are selling. They can, after that, identify the value your company brings on the table. It is essential that marketing determines all the cost-effective methods of getting prospects that meet the right description and be in touch with your unique selling points through activities like inbound marketing, digital marketing, and targeted promotions.

3. Monitoring, Evaluating and Adjusting

Despite being impossible to understand ways marketing can impact the path to a sale, one can pin point the relevant metrics and monitor them to gain insight on what will work and what will not for your business. Ensure you adjust your campaigns to optimize performance based on the metrics. In case something does not offer the results you require, feel free to move onto something that will. Try focusing on return on investment in anything you do.

4. Come up with valuable content

The idea you have concerning exciting content can be a blog post that features a new service or product, although your prospects might not think or care what you are offering to them is of any relevance. The information on your newsletters, blog posts, and other marketing contents needs to demonstrate that you know the prospects’ pain points and do have solutions and knowledge that can be of help to them. It is where the sales team can be of great help to your marketing department. The sales representatives will always get in touch with prospective clients daily and share with them the challenges they encounter.

5. Make use of Marketing Resources from Vendors

The vendor partners may be offering sales and marketing materials, which can be of help in marketing campaigns. It will save you the resources and time it will take you to develop them on your own. For example, the use of the Intronis Partner Toolkit will offer you data sheets, success stories, email templates, holding events, guidance for running campaigns, and more.


Using any of the above techniques in your MSP Marketing Services can be useful and generate new business for your firm to be successful. However, it is important that you ensure you try putting all the above methods into play and your business will be overflowing with new clients.

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