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How to Optimize Your WordPress Landing Page to Generate More Sales?

Sometimes it seems like the majority of digital marketing strategies end at the point where people come to visit your page. Still, you need to keep in mind that the most of these visitors will not actually make a purchase. According to some researches, the numbers go from 0.5 percent to 15 percent while the median value is usually somewhere between 2-5 percent conversion rate. Therefore, your focus needs to be in converting visitors to paying customers.

Of course, the larger the audience, the larger the potential customer pool, but in order to get the most out of this, you need to actually find a way to generate more sales. This, however, begins with your WordPress landing page. Here are some ideas on how to optimize it in order to get more sales.

Capturing Emails

One of the greatest misconceptions in the world of digital marketing is that the email marketing is dead. By finding the right approach, you can use emails to convert your customers with an astounding success rate, but you would first need to find the right plugin to capture these emails. Here, you can’t go wrong with plugins such as Opt-in Monster, Popup Ally or even Opt-in Skin. All three are a top of the game software and which one of them suits you the most depends on both industry and personal preference.

Landing Page Building

With the right WordPress builder on your side, you could probably make a landing page on your own. With a simple drag and drop principle, you wouldn’t even have to learn how to code. Furthermore, software such as WordPress Landing Pages or Optimize Press allow you to monitor the conversion rates as well as run highly efficient A/B split tests.

However, seeing how so much depends on the landing page alone, this is probably something best left to professionals. According to renowned WordPress Developer Sydney based company, going with professionals can be a didactic tool as well. Seeing how you are present during the 90-minute session in which they build your landing page, you can get the job done and learn a thing or two about killer landing page building in the process.

Gathering Feedback

Sometimes instead of observing, analyzing and calculating your performance you should just… ask. A lot of your visitors will be more than willing to give you a piece of their mind, but you first need to provide them with an adequate tool to do this through. There are several ways to achieve this and the best one is to utilize popup plugins. This can be easily done through plugins such as UserNoise or WordPress Simple Survey. To make this even better, both of them are quite easy to install, which means they can be up and running in no time.

Optimizing for Mobile

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that currently there are more mobile than desktop users in the world. According to CMS Report an average smartphone conversion rates are up 64 percent when compared to the average desktop conversion rates. Which means that you would need to optimize your landing page for mobile. Luckily, as you could have seen by now, there is a plugin for everything and mobile optimization is not an exception. Your safest bets would be to go with WPTouch Mobile, MobilePress or Any Mobile Theme Switcher. Seeing how 61 percent of all your users are unlikely to return to a site they had trouble accessing from mobile, addressing this issue is more than vital for your business.

In Conclusion

As you can see, optimizing your WordPress landing page in order to increase your chances of conversion is not a difficult thing to do. In most cases, it requires you to do one of two things. The first one is to find the adequate plugin for the job and the second one is to find a reliable learning material. In some cases this means finding a great tutorial, but sometimes it requires you to learn from niche experts. All is fair in love and war and modern digital marketing is no short of a battlefield.


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