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5 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in B2B Marketing Website Design

You have been aware of all the major website designing tips for your B2C websites, but do the same tips go well with your B2C websites? Well, ‘no’ is the answer. With innumerable B2B websites floating around the internet it is quite essential to have a well-designed and appealing, professional B2B website that could appeal to your business clients to shake hands with your services. So, there are some common mistakes that you need to take care of by discussing them with your website design service provider.

The 5 most common mistakes to avoid in B2B website design:

Lack of Emphasis on the Company’s Message and Website’s Uniqueness

An ideal B2B website design needs to have a more appealing and unique professional stance that would be able to lay emphasis on the service provider’s message to its targeted client audience. Your website design service provider needs to understand your B2B marketing approach well and should be able to craft the most appropriate and value-oriented website cover for you.

Broken Navigation Chains

This is one of the most common mistakes made by many businesses and their web design partners, their B2B marketing website often have a difficult to navigate a path that drops their client’s focus from the main business approach of the website. A B2B marketing website should have a simple navigation path will no useless design additions so the viewers can be guided easily through the main highlighted elements of the website. Thus, understanding the core value of your business approach.

Lacking the Responsive Design Approach

As we go with the stats, mobile is the most preferred primary research tool by more than 50 percent of internet users. Owing to this, your B2B marketing website should have a purely responsive design which is completely compatible with the mobile platforms. With this, the web design company you partner with should be able to craft an optimised, user-friendly website for you that is equally appealing on mobile interfaces.

Poor Legibility

Sometimes due to extensive use of design elements, the website design faces the issue of poor legibility. In this case, your web design service provider should understand the importance of Legibility with a B2B website design. The font styles used needs to be more clear and expressive instead of stylish, and there should be a proper use of blank spaces, which would allow the viewer’s eyes to breathe between the texts. With this, the use of the appropriate colour theme is also an essential point.

Hidden Important Information

A B2B marketing website needs to follow a highly precise and to-the-point approach towards the viewer’s need. A viewer should be able to get what he wants, in the minimum number of clicks. There are some key information points like –The list of Services, Portfolio & Case Studies, Contact information, Blog and other Content pieces. The website design service provider should follow be able to avail these important information pieces to the viewer with high ease.

So these are the common mistakes that need to be addressed well by your web design partner so as to earn your B2B marketing website a higher position among its competitors and gain you positive reverts in the form of new business partners. So, if you plan to make your new B2B marketing website you can avail our optimised web design services at affordable price, by contacting us at – [email protected]

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