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Comparium: The best cross website testing tool available online

It doesn’t come as a surprise when you hear the phrase, ‘the world is going online’. Everything and anything that one knows about is shifting online or already exists in the online world. Most companies have their websites, celebrities have their blogs and well, there are around 1.5 billion websites in the world today.

Web is a whole new world in itself!

With such developments in websites, there are benefits but then there are a few checkpoints too. As a company, blogger or anyone willing to launch a new website, you have to be aware that your website can be accessed via different ways by a user, called browsers and for each browser, your website should be trouble-free.

Hence, it is actually important for anyone to test their website before launch, especially have a cross-browser test. Mostly because, at the end of the day, each browser has a different set of features and it isn’t always a guarantee that each browser has a set of features that your website requires to function or look sober.

You need a security check, always!

This way you get to verify and confirm if your website is working well across all browsers, a test of both functionality, design and speed. Don’t worry, it might sound daunting at first if you plan on doing this on your own and via a one-by-one process but actually, it can be easily achieved by using specialized tools that finish the task in a simplified and efficient way.

Yes, by tools we mean the tried and tested application called Comparium, a platform which we found to be simple, satisfactory and considerate for easy and quick cross-website testing.

It has tons of features that could help a user:

1. Customer oriented

Comparium keeps things easy for any customer using their tool. All you need to do is submit the website address and then wait to check later. All it takes is a couple of minutes for the test to run and the results to be given. Comparium has over 2 million satisfied customers, a track record which is no minor feat to achieve. They keep developing new softwares, consider new ideas and keep looking for growth.

2. Support System

Comparium is one rare platform where you get support for all possible browsers versions – Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 8.0, Google Chrome 75.0, 74.0, 73.0, Mozilla Firefox 68.0, 67.0, and Safari 11.0. , to name a few. In fact, it isn’t just website versions but also various computer operating softwares that Comparium is compatible with and allows testing in, like Windows 10, 7, Mac OS X Mojave, High Sierra, and Linux.

3. Offline database

Comparium understands the busy schedules of people and adjusts accordingly. You can send in your official mail address along with the website URL for testing to get automatic offline reports of the test results. These reports also include screenshots and detailed issue detailing as well.

The importance of web testing especially cross-browser web testing cannot be ignored. After all if something as basic as the font becomes different across all browsers, it is important for one to have clarity regarding what is there and how does it turn out to be on their website to the viewers.

Now, when we especially look at the customer orientation of Comparium, we realize by its past track record and future plans, how much they value their users and clients. Yes, past record, which basically means the developments they have had over the years.

Version 1.0

Highly supportive and started off initially with their main priority, catering to all platforms and browsers at once for quick testing and targeting large customer base. The best part? This basic version is free for all users; hence you can test the application and then update according to your needs.

Version 2.0

Added additional features to understand the changing trends. It also allowed for screen comparisons via manual and automatic modes, launched a personal user account for building long-term relationships and created a support system for Apple retina website versions too.

Version 2.5

Again, launched it to cope up with rising demands by new features. Allowed for multiple/bulk URL testing at once, allowed for conducting tests at customized timings of the day, got the sending offline reports via email feature launched and also included a test feature for mobile devices.

Version 3.0

Understanding the variability in internet speed and locations, this version launched quality checks on internet speed and proxies. It added support for different display aspect ratios and custom Selenium scripts. Moreover, it adjusted to the new concept of a virtual desktop and allows real-life testing on the same.

So many features, so many innovations and so many changes. Comparium shows its dedication to learn and succeed, which is why it is a user loved platform for cross-browsing website testing.

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