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How to Monitor Your Child’s Activity Online

We all may not be born in truly Digital era but our kids sure are in one of the most advanced technology phase and parents, are really happy that their kids are born in this era. But the truth is not the same as everything has two sides technology also has some bad sides too.

Kids these days are really getting addicted to technology and you are totally unaware of what he is actually doing online all day. He might be surfing the things he should never see or watching some crap. You might be seeing some sudden changes in your kid’s behaviour but you never actually find out why?

Why is it important to monitor your kid’s online activity?

As soon as your kid gets his first mobile or tablet the scary part begins because finding crap on the internet is the easiest thing these days. Your child might be easily scrolling over YouTube and find some bad thing and start watching it and this is the stage where the trouble begins.

Many reports have suggested that almost fifty percent of teens are watching restricted content over the internet. That not only is making them aggressive as well as making them rude and shy.

So, it is very important to monitor your child’s online activity.

How to monitor your Childs online Activity?

There are many ways to monitor your child’s online activity but kids these days don’t like parents to break in their privacy. Which makes it very difficult for parents to care for their child. But there are many other smart ways to do the something without letting your kid know about it.

The best way to keep an eye on your child’s online activity is by using the app called FamiSafe.


FamiSafe is a dream application for parents all around the world. FamiSafe is basically a parental control app created for parents to keep their children away from each and every dangerous thing.

We tested almost hundreds of applications but the great user interface and fully packed functions make FamiSafe the best parental control app over any other app present in the market. Activity tracker, Location tracing, Web content filtering and many more are the most useful features of the app. You can just install and use the app without letting your kid know that you are spying and watching him.

The most loved feature provided by the app is location warning which alarms you when your kid enters in any area where you don’t want him to visit or get into. This function can be very useful in any mishappenings.

Key features of FamiSafe parental control app

  • Web Content filtering- by this function you can easily filter out the bad and aggressive content from the web and restrict it so that your kid don’t watch the restricted content they should watch cartoons online.
  • Location tracking and area restriction- You cannot be there every time with your kid and location tracking can be helping hand for you in the critical situation.
  • App blocker- App blocker is a great feature if you want to restrict or fully stop your kid to use any specific application. What this function does is it actually blocks the app and doesn’t allow the app to open.
  • Screen time management- Screen time management will allow you to keep an eye over the apps that your kid has used and for how much time.

How to use FamiSafe?

Now you might be thinking that this app comes with so many high tech functions so it must be very difficult to use but in this case, it is just the opposite of what you think the interface of the app makes it very easy to use for parents.

Guide for setting up FamiSafe on your Device

  • First of all, just install the application on your as well as your kid’s device.
  • Register an account in your device and select as parents device.
  • Now open your child’s device and select as a kid.
  • Enter basic information like age, gender, etc.
  • You can check famisafe demo as well.

Yes, that’s it you are ready to go to care for your child from your phone easily. These days parents are getting very busy which is making a huge generation gap between kids and parents. So, it is very important for parents to take care of their children.

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