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Choose The Right CNC Machine Shop

Due to its flexibility, versatility and precision of CNC machines, CNC machining services have become a popular choice for companies. The technology used in CNC can create every imaginable part. The recent advances in CNC technology to handle difficult tasks such as working with plastics and engraving has consolidated the state of CNC machining in the manufacturing industry.

With its importance in the industry, as in the case of other services, we must be very careful when choosing a company that offers CNC machining services. The store where you bring your ideas to a product must be reputable, professional and can offer – precision metalwork machines.

When choosing a shop for your CNC machining services, you must have the following qualities:

Diverse machine capacity

Find a machine shop equipped with a wide range of equipment and check if your CNC machining services can meet your request. For example, a high-quality precision machine shop will have the ability to mill using 5-axis, 9-axis, 10-axis, and 11-axis machines that can produce extreme precision and accuracy in machining. Additionally, a reputable machine shop will also be able to handle a wide variety of metals, plastics, and synthetic materials.


Experience is one of the most important criteria when selecting a service provider in any industry and choosing an experienced CNC Machine Shop is no different. Choosing a company that specializes in creating precision CNC parts is the surest way to ensure success. Your best bet would be finding Apa21 LagunaTools, who have decades of experience with these types of machines and can help you find the right machine for your needs. Additionally, choosing a shop with experience working within industries such as medical equipment or aerospace will allow them to better understand what’s required when designing different kinds of products specifically suited for those industries.

Certifications, References and Reviews

There are a number of relevant certifications that are important for machine shops, but the most prominent is the ISO 9000 certification. For shops that work in the aerospace industry, it is essential that they have AS 9100 certifications, which incorporates the elements of ISO 9000 with added requirements for quality and safety related to aerospace manufacturing.

In addition, any experienced CNC machining company must be able to provide references that can attest to the quality of their work. It is also worthwhile to check online reviews as both happy and unhappy customers will likely provide feedback on the quality of work of past projects.

Strong customer service

Strong customer service is important in nearly every service-oriented business, but this is particularly true when working with a CNC machine shop. First, it is critically important that the machine shop is able to work closely with customers during prototype phases to ensure that quality benchmarks have been exceeded. Second, many custom CNC machining projects require outside vendors, such as for anodizing metals, and having a strong customer service department with topline management skills ensures that the machine shop will be able to coordinate the efforts of external vendors and keep the projects on-time and meeting quality benchmarks.

Reasonable prices

When choosing a store that offers CNC machining services, you should have the best and reasonable rates to keep your business afloat. CNC machining services with prices too good to be true are traps. These stores will shorten the quality of the product. As in any other industry, obtaining quality products requires fair prices for the work given. If you cut the corners and decide to choose the cheapest one, it is likely that your products do not meet the standards. Bottom line – expect to pay a reasonable price for high quality work but be leery of prices that are both too low and too high.

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