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5 Best Sports Cars ever in the UK

Let’s try to understand what a sports car is and what the recommended cars are?

The sports car term is indefinite and vogue at the same time and it is still unclear that what type of cars comes under this category? You will largely understand this term here. First, yes, every sports car need to be really fast and powered by a powerful engine and must be engaging.

Regardless of the types and categories available in the market and offered by the automakers, we have crafted a list of 5 the best sports cars of all times. So, fasten your seatbelts tightly and hold your breath a bit, coz we are about land in the world of speed and fantasy. If you want to get the latest news and updates in the world of car racing just check out GrandPrixTimes website. They also provide highest-quality reviews on car products, accessories, Number plates UK and car maintenance tools.

The Sports Cars! Where you would start at speed and there would be no limits, you would see hypercars here, which can push you firmly into the seat of your vehicle. You can even meet the world’s fastest vehicles here, conventionally they are Koenigsegg series, Bugatti, or even Ferrari, or Porsche but you might be missed out Bloodhound here.

A bloody 1000 miles per hour speed tested on the salt range planes. The universe of cars has no limits and this legendary vehicle starts where speed left behind. It thrusts with the rocket engine and starts running at the speed of over 500 miles in seconds.

A normal road can’t handle this giant ultra-hyper car. However, did you know what pushed the automakers and engineers to make this kind of vehicle? These sports cars actually pushed them to touch the limits of speed.

A racing legend review about the sports car

When we asked about the sports car to a racing legend, he started like that a car should be fast and it must have speed in its DNA when you get into the driver seat, the car must bring a big grin of feeling on your face.

He also said that a sports car tends to be expensive than practical, and unlike the family cars they must be full of speed and enjoyment as well. It doesn’t mean that they are naturally impractical. They are not actually designed to be a practical but true performer.

Every feature offered in the sports cars is actually recompensed for pure riding pleasure and performance by the vehicle. These features also work as a major selling factor as well.

However, if you are riding your vehicle and only on a sprint of 100 miles, you started feeling exhausted even before your car, then your car is not a perfect sports car. In a sports car, actual pleasure starts from over 100 miles when it roars on the road under full throttle.

Now if you are worried about the fuel economy of a sports car, you must not think about it because you can get one thing at a time, a fuel economy, or pleasure. However, these days with the ultra-modern sports cars, there are a number of modern engines, used in the sports cars which are excellent on performance and ultra-fuel economical.

You can even get up to 60 miles per gallon from these engines.

Lets have a look at the top 5 sports cars of all times

Audi TT Coupe

Audi TT is a stylish and a shining bright sports car, it is designed to be the sports car for budget watchers. It is the stylish, bold, and brilliantly designed sports car but this is not the end of its features at all, it has a massive list of features.

A range of turbocharged Audi engines offered in the TT sports cars offers better performance and better fuel economy at the same time. For the diesel lovers, Audi offers diesel engines for ultra-high torque and low running costs.

Audi always focuses on the driver’s involvement in the model styling and in the case of TT, Audi has done the same, its interior is excellently designed which is powered by modern virtual cockpit technology. This system welcomes you aboard and keeps you in the center of the thrill and full on action.

For even more fuel economies, there is a base model offered with ultra-low fuel economy on this tiny supercar. The TT RS is powered by Audi 2.0 litre engine and it generates more than 400 hp from its punchy power unit.

It has a 12.3-inch central console screen to keep you informed about the activities and its built-in satellite navigation system keeps you on track towards your destination. The all-wheel-drive option with the RS trim will add up 1500 more in your price.

Porsche 718 Cayman coupe

The fantastic and futuristic Porsche 911 has long been offered as a powerful sports car and becomes the part of almost every sports car lists, however now it is an actual threat of being surpassed. Its own younger fellow, the 718 Cayman coupe, yes! The Cayman Coupe is getting famous in the market as the next generation of sports cars and with its mid-fixed Porsche Cayman engine, it virtually begs you to take the cost to scan the potential of its robust ultra-contemporary engine.

Porsche has faced some difficulties in the past when it replaced the ancient six-cylinder Boxer engine with the turbocharged four-cylinder engine design. Soon after its introduction in the market, the Cayman has gained its position back.

The new 2.00-litre four-cylinder engine has proved itself as a great power machine. Really, Porsche purists could have a legit despite the fact that a moderate complaint registered, however, the freedom to drive this monster can shock you because it is as inexpensive as a Vauxhall Insignia with a 1.8-litre petrol engine.

Although it is cheaper than a Porsche 911 base model even, the 718 Cayman remains to be luxurious, indistinct when you start ticking one of the dynamically lengthy lists of available options, however, you might purchase a driver’s car.

Audi R8 Coupe

Sitting on the top of the Audi range, the R8 is one of the fastest cars using V10 engines. The R8 coupe is one of those fewer cars which are powered by these massive machines for no reason.

The R8 actually shows off the technological advancement of Audi and proves everything while you are behind the wheel. This massive engine cranks only 532hp and is being shared with Lamborghini models. However, in the Lamborghini models, this engine produces more than 600 hp.

In the R8 plus, Audi claims the same number of horsepower as in the Lamborghini. It delivers more efficiency than the expectations of any driver. The R8 is aerodynamically more aggressive looking than any other sports car.

A driver must have a big heart to handle this raging monster when it is in action. With the excellent contrast of all-wheel drive and up to date security features, you would get an awfully reassuring experience.

Mercedes-AMG GT coupe

Mercedes finally offered its competitor to Porsche 911 but took long to the automaker to get there, the AMG GT Coupe finally gives a great competition to the 911 and left the lovers of sports cars categorically amazed and shunned.

There is no doubt about the engineering efforts added by Mercedes into this beautiful sports car. This powerful yet beautiful sports car conceals 458 hp from its AMG 4.0 litre V8 engine. Mercedes trimmer AMG has given special treatment to the entire package by elongating the bonnet to claim more space under the bonnet and modifying the chassis as well.

They turned up the vehicle in a way that every single bit of the power generated by the system can be utilized. The AMG GT Coupe is an example of Mercedes working habits and it shows what this automaker can produce when works closely to its AMG division. It is an amazingly designed sports car for both track racing and road ragging at the same time.

Porsche 911 coupe

Porsche’s ever admired and the powerful sports car that rules the hearts of that specific society of drivers who actually love to drive on the tracks. The 911 draws a line between two categories of automobiles, the sports cars, and the supercars. It is the peak of sports cars and starting the supercars. You can get both out of one at the same time.

Porsche 911 is a real icon and when you would say the word Porsche, first thing comes to mind is its powerful and luxurious 911 models. A rear engine model, with unique design and top class performance on the tracks, this model has barely changed over the decades.

Its engines have received turbo treatment and many other tweaks. The turbochargers were introduced to boost its performance and efficiency while keeping the same running costs. However, on other hands, the siblings like Cayman and Boxter received the turbo treatment to reduce the running costs.

Both of these models also have the strong standing in the market. However, the 911 is leading the entire sports car market.

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