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Masters of Computer Applications (MCA)

The digital era likely calls for subjects that can appeal to the human mind in terms of its outstanding benefits. While traditional courses have always been the major focus of all students, subjects like computer applications have been the new fascination of the era. MCA or Masters of computer applications is one of the greatest courses that can be taken in the field of computers. Since this is a technological course, students can complete their BCA or Bachelors of Computer Applications in order to get admission in the post-graduate field. However, arts, as well as science students, can equally be a part of this course. The entire duration of the course is for two years and various modes of the syllabus under it are likely divided throughout these years.

If you still have the question as to what to do after BCA, then certainly masters of computer applications are the answer. This course can open doors to lots of opportunities out there, as computer knowledge is now considered to be mandatory in order to take up a job in any sector.

What are the specific subjects focused under MCA?

Masters of Computer Application is a broader umbrella and some of the variations offered in this course are as follows:

  • Studies related to application software
  • Hardware technology
  • Internet management
  • System and software development
  • Troubleshooting
  • System management
  • MIS or Management Information systems

What is the eligibility criteria for studying MCA?

If you are looking forward to carrying your MCA studies in India, then some of the major eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • A student must have graduated from a well recognized university in the fields of commerce or science. Even humanities students can apply for this stream as well.
  • Students must have had science and commerce in their class 12 exam. Computers as a compulsory subject is also a part of the eligibility criteria.
  • BCA qualified students are eligible enough to apply for the course but the entrance exam must be given by all. No exempted category is available for this course.

If you want to study MCA from foreign universities, then you must check the prospectus of the colleges accordingly and gather information about the admission process. However, most of the institutions conduct their own entrance exam for MCA and students who qualify, are then called for the interview round.

What is the suitability of studying MCA after completing BCA?

When you take up the study of bachelors of application at the graduation level, you are likely entitled to be quite a knowledge by the end the course gets completed. Certainly, the take on studying MCA would be better and highly improved. Since they already have a foundation established for the course, it makes it quite easier for them to understand MCA. In addition to that, an MCA degree can land you a job in the IT sector. Information technology is half based on computers and if you have a clear knowledge about it, you would certainly be doing great and yielding effective results.

When you are learning to develop software’s under MCA, you are paving your way to be a part of the software industry. Also, encoding and decoding abilities come naturally to you and that is why it is really beneficial to see the major advancements in this sector. Other than that, if you are interested in academics, you can simply tune in to higher studies and teach the subjects in schools and colleges. All of the options are likely to open in rendering the fruitful benefits of the course. In order to qualify as a professor for MCA in any of the universities, make

What are the suitable areas in which students can find a job after MCA?

Students who qualify the MCA exam and have completed the MCA degree as well can find jobs in the following sector:

  • Banks
  • Database companies
  • Software agencies
  • E-commerce institutions
  • Private firms
  • Government sectors
  • Colleges and schools
  • Data communication sectors
  • Security department
  • Networking firms
  • Stock exchanges.

Thus, if you have already completed the degree, then be proud of your achievement and secure your job today!

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