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Published on January 29th, 2020 | by Bibhuranjan


Using Interactive Video To Improve Learning Outcomes Among Children

Understanding the power of a student depends upon his interest, listening skills, teacher communication skills and tools used for teaching. If these skills and products are excellent, students’ learning and understanding of power will be top-notch. However, a student’s skill is individual-oriented, but a teaching tool can be controlled by us. An effective teaching tool like educational videos has a massive impact on students in the classrooms when compared to the oral teaching method. Interactive video for improving the learning outcomes of the students is becoming mandatory nowadays. Educational videos in the classroom are highly beneficial for children and their development without a second thought

How interactive video improve the outcomes of children

An interactive video of education improves the concentration and focus of children heavily. The children who have concentration and focus would observe lessons easily. The video classes clearly explain tough subjects through practical demonstrations and examples that are difficult for a teacher to explain orally. Moreover, children love fun and entertainment while learning, which is possible through educational videos.

What are the outcomes expected of educational video

The major outcomes of education videos through educational videos are plenty. The main outcomes are knowledge level improvement, positive attitude, and behavior of the children. When we say the development of children it denotes all the positive features in a child. So, a child who grows intellectually and spiritually is considered a nice human. This applies to a student who is regularly watching videos supervised by a teacher. A teacher finds it very useful for explaining content to the students so that he can visualize massive development among them. An excellent interactive video class bring the unexpected outcome of learning and attitude among children

How children are benefited through educational videos?

Education videos change the learning behavior of children a lot. Watching a video motivates children massively and it changes the mindset of a learner. The videos engage children better than oral teaching method and hence the learner pays proper attention. The proper attention behavior brings an expected interest in the subject. Cumulatively, these improved features bring life-changing aspects among children. The changes lead them to learn effectively and can become a successful candidate. The success develops the children to their core expectation of parents.

Considering these benefits of educational videos, children have to involve a lot with videos for learning. A great example of using this way of teaching is Generation Genius. They are a science teaching resource that has one main mission – bringing school science standards to life through fun and educational videos paired with all their learning activities.

Interactive video lessons are a major feature

The interactive video sessions denote the involvement of children and teacher one on one discussion online. Online chatting discussion rooms enhance the students to raise questions to the teachers and in turn teacher can explain the difficult subject live. Asides live sessions for the students, video lessons improve the memory power of the student because things that are explained through videos give a clear understanding of the subject. A learner who understands subject in depth would reproduce effectively at the exams. Not only exam oriented results, but life-changing developments are seen among children both mentally and spiritually.

Development as an individual in the society is must

Educational videos not only improve their study skills but also as an individual in society. This is apparent when they watch moral video lessons than listening to a lecture in the classroom. Enhancement of the moral behavior of a student shapes him into a perfect citizen. This change yields him a massive development for becoming a scholar after. He is given due respect by society if his development is up to the expected level. The development of children is purely based on future related objectives and not only for mark improvement. Hence, the children should grow as a proper individual by watching educational videos.


Considering the above features, and advantages of educational videos, it has become mandatory for children undergoing interactive video at their learning center. The development of children is purely dependent on teaching tools apart from their skills. So, educational videos are playing a huge role in children’s development and learning outcomes. Learning outcomes are expected only if children are given a genuine platform like educational video interactive classes. Indeed, a future generation without educational video is not imaginable.

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