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Nubia Alpha: A Glimpse of Future Mobile Concepts

Ni Fei, General Manager of Nubia Smartphone, said, “We see the future of mobility as a large canvas for us to paint on to represent the best of ideation from our design labs. The Nubia Alpha brings the company’s innovative smartphone features and professional mobile photography functions in a wearable format that perfectly complements one’s bespoke lifestyle and raises the bar in innovation and versatility for a mobile communications device.”

Wait wait wait…. What? A mobile function in a wearable?

Yes, you heard it right.

You’ve seen smartphones; you’ve seen smartwatches; but at IFA 2018, well, I have seen something in between.

The Nubia Alpha comes from the same manufacturer who made the Red Magic smartphone that captured the eyeballs of the gaming crowd. I will talk about Red Magic in a separate article. But for now, the Nubia Alpha is something unique that I can’t wait to tell you about.

Nubia was spun off from its parent company ZTE back in 2014. The Alpha takes the form of a thick wristband and bulbous center body, with a flexible OLED panel wrapping around the wrist. Running on that panel is a heavily customized build of Android, under which sports a 4G LTE radio and a CPU of similarly indeterminate origin. Also there is an embedded speaker, a camera for video calls, and a sensor to detect which way is up so you can wear it on either wrist.

This year the Nubia comes out with crazy concepts that give us a preview of what our mobile-tech future might or might not look like. But it pretty interesting. Unfortunately, Nubia didn’t let anyone touch it so I do not have very specific information on it. Yes, still it’s a prototype which may or may not hit the market but I still rejoice looking at our future of mobile phones.

I will come back soon with more information on this device.

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