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EaseUS Free Data Recovery tool review – Recovery any file from any device

Searching for Free data recovery software? Well then you’re exactly where you should be, and let me add to that, the tool I’m talking about isn’t just any data recovery tool, instead it’s the ultimate, most advanced and feature rich data recovery tool I’ve seen in my life.

And let me be honest, even some “paid/premium” tools won’t be able to see eye to eye if there’s ever a competition between EaseUS and them based on features and quality.

What Makes EaseUS Special?

What makes it invincible is the fact that it’s seriously the ‘ultimate’ recovery tool you’ll ever need. Okay what are the three elements associated in any data loss situation?

  • The File(s) which is lost.
  • The device from which it is lost.
  • The ’cause’ of the loss.

Well so with EaseUS, none of this matters! Meaning you’ll get back your lost files, from any device you might have lost them, and regardless of the “cause” of the loss.

The File Types Which you can Recover?

As I said, there’s no “file type” which can’t be recovered by EaseUS. (The day-to-day common files atleast!) You can recover images, videos, documents, and even E-mails!

Infact you get to choose which file types you want to recover specifically as well, so if you don’t want a certain file, you don’t have to recover it.

Which Devices are Supported?

As long as the device has a screen, and it lost “digital files”, it’s supported by EaseUS! Well let me compile a list of supported devices for you:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Memory Cards
  • Pendrives.
  • Digital Cameras
  • Music Players
  • and every other digital device.

Which “scenarios” are recoverable?

EaseUS how you lost your data, all that matters is it existed sometimes in the past.

And it’s one of those few tools in the market which is actually capable of bringing back “permanently deleted” files! The ones you deleted even from the recycle bin!

The common data loss scenarios which we face and EaseUS supports are:-

  • Virus Attacks.
  • Accidental deletion of files.
  • Partition Loss.
  • OS-Crash
  • Data lost due to “formatting”.
  • Hard-drive damage.

So point being, even though a scenario might not be listed above, it’s supported beyond doubt!

Advanced Features

Two Scan Modes

EaseUS despite being a free data recovery software is no way less than any premium tool you’ve had your experience with. Infact it’s far better.

It has two scan modes, the “normal mode’ and the “deep scan mode”.

The normal mode recovers files in most cases, but in case your files were buried deep into the oblivion, you can use the Deep scan mode to increase your chances of bringing back the files from the dead.


EaseUS offers us a “file-preview’ mode, where you get to choose which files you want to recover and which you don’t want to.

This makes sure that you don’t recover any unnecessary files, which works towards making the recovery process faster as well as saving space on your hard-disks.

Import/Export Scan Results

This is the only tool I’ve ever come across which lets you “export” scan results. How this helps you is, if you scan your device and it has lots of files, then you don’t need to scan it again and again.

Instead you can just import the scan results from an earlier time and resume your recovery process.

Final Verdict

EaseUS is beyond doubt one of the best recovery tools you can ever cross paths with. And I’m not just “saying” so, I believe I’ve proved it to yet in the last couple minutes.

If you still think it’s not worth your time, do let me know why you think so. Because considering all its superpowers, it’s still a FREE platform! I don’t really recall a lot of tools with features as wide and diverse as EaseUS and still being free!

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