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What Is A Panel PC?

A panel PC refers to a personal computer that’s built into a flat-screen display so that the computer can be mounted in any manner present for mounting a display. Panel PCs are immensely popular as they combine the best of traditional computers with convenient touch-screen controls. They are also popular as they take advantage of the latest developments in the consumer IT market.

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Panel PC To Purchase

There are various types of panel PCs. For you to choose the right panel for you, there are certain characteristics that you’ve got to take into account. Listed below are some of the crucial factors that should aid you in your search for a panel PC.

The PC’s Intended Use

As noted before, there are various types of panel PCs. It’s worth noting that different types of panel PCs tend to serve different purposes. To avoid choosing a panel that’s not beneficial to you, when looking for a panel PC to purchase, you must ensure that your preferred panel pc serves the purpose you need it for.

The Working Environment It Will Be Used In

Before settling on a given panel PC, it’s essential that you learn about its adaptability in certain environments. If your working environment is full of substances that can easily break your panel PC, it’s in your best interest to go for a panel PC that’s proven to be tough. The working environment you will use your panel PC in determines elements such as size, screen format, screen resolution, touchscreen option, rugged screen, and integration and mounting. That being the case, the working environment is a huge factor to consider.

Processor Type

Prior to purchasing a particular panel PC, you must learn about its features. One of the key features you should look for in a panel PC is its processor type. Different panel PCs usually have different processor types. For example, the INOSP-152-RE boasts an Intel Atom Processor E3845, while the ASTUT-W153-PC boasts an Intel Pentium Processor. All in all, when choosing a panel PC, it’s critical that you choose one which has a trustworthy processor.


When searching for a panel PC to purchase, you should go for one that has a good memory. By choosing a panel PC with a good memory, you’re bound to avoid the challenges panel PCs with poor memories face. Panel PCs with good memories are usually extra-efficient and durable. It’s worth noting that they operate with ease even in harsh environments.


Unknown to many individuals, memory and storage are different pc components. One of the differences is that memory is volatile. This means that when power is cut off, it loses the data it holds. On the other hand, storage is non-volatile. Thus, even without power, storage retains its data. The main reason you should consider a panel PC’s storage before purchasing it is that storage affects the overall performance of a pc. The bigger the storage, the higher a PC’s performance is. As such, before deciding to purchase a given panel pc, you must learn about its storage.

Location of Panel PC’s Mounting

It’s critical that you make a decision whether or not your panel PC will be embedded within another enclosure, fastened to a stand, or mounted to a wall before you purchase the panel PC. If your panel PC is to be embedded in another enclosure, it should be relatively smaller than the enclosure. If your PC is to be mounted on a wall or affixed to a stand, you should choose a PC that doesn’t limit mounting options.

Exposure to Sunlight

It’s common knowledge that when sunlight shines directly on a device, it’s rather difficult to see. Not many consumer and industrial monitors emit enough light to compete with the glare of the sun. If you’re looking to purchase a panel PC for outdoor use, or for use in an area that experiences a lot of sunlight exposure, you should purchase a PC whose screen is readable even when there’s extreme sunlight.

IP Rating

Ingress protection, IP, is a standard designation that indicates how effective an enclosure is in keeping out unwanted materials such as dust particles and liquids. On numerous occasions, many individuals have had to purchase new panel PCs after their PCs got destroyed by ingress. Panel PCs are normally pretty costly. As such, it’s logical to assume that when you purchase one, you want it to serve you for a lengthy duration. To avoid purchasing a panel pc now and again, it’s advisable that you choose a PC that has a high IP rating.

Over the last couple of years, the number of panel PCs available in the market has increased immensely. This increase has made it a bit difficult to know which ones are reliable. There are certain precautionary steps that you need to follow so as to avoid purchasing a panel PC that is unreliable. Here are some.

Seek Referrals

The very first step you should follow when looking for a panel pc is to seek referrals. References are essential as they assist you in narrowing the list of panel pcs to consider. By getting references, you can avoid wasting a lot of time.

Carry Out Thorough Background Checks on The Suggested Panel PCs

After getting the references, you should then carry out thorough background checks on the suggested panel PCs. By carrying out these checks, you’ll learn about the properties of each of the suggested panels. Using the information you gather, you can determine suitable options easily.

Consider Past Clients’ Reviews

Once you’ve gotten suitable panel PC options, you should then look into each of your preferred panel PC past clients’ reviews. Judging by the past clients’ reviews, you can quickly know which panel PCs are worth the hype and which ones are not.

By considering the highlighted factors and following these simple steps, you are bound to purchase a panel PC that you can be proud of.


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