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Lies and Damn Lies About Vaping

Any new technology or invention that aims to change the conventional ways of our everyday life is met with criticism during its first few years. This happens purely because we do not want to change how we live and let go of our old habits that may even be harmful to us.

This then translates into denial. We fail to accept that the new technology could possibly be better than our old ways and either completely disregard the facts or even fabricate lies to justify our habits. After a while, however, when some of us do come around to the idea of using the new ways, the old lies still remain and become the basis of several different rumors like vaping good for teeth or not, popcorn lungs, poisonous e liquids etc.


The journey of vapes has been no different. Many of the valid claims, rather facts, used by vape manufacturers in their promotional campaigns have been used as basing points for several reports that disregard the very merits of vaping. As a result, the success of vapes have been shrouded by several lies. Some of these lies are:

Just Another Cigarette

As much as manufacturers and designers have tried to differentiate vapes from cigarettes, many people still believe that there really is no difference other than the electric dependence of vapes. This is a lie. Vapes are completely different from cigarettes and promote a lifestyle that is in direct opposition of cigarettes. Vapes do not depend upon combustion to provide the vaper with a pleasant experience which essentially leads to most of the differences in cigarettes and vapes.

Just as Harmful

This is one of the most common lies and one that stems from the belief that vapes are nothing but another type of cigarette. However, this is entirely false. In fact, the main selling point for vapes is the fact they are not as harmful as cigarettes in providing the same, sometimes even better nicotine feel than cigarettes. This is not just a general claim but has been proved by several researches conducted throughout the world.

Must Be Learnt

A lot of people carry the perception that vaping is not a very simple activity like smoking is. They do get the electronic dependence but they overestimate it and assume that vaping requires a lot of extra care and attention. But not that. They attach so much importance to the electric component of vaping, that they come to believe that vaping is so complex that it must be learnt before you could vape. That is a lie. Vaping may be very complex for people who want special outcomes from it, but for a person that just wants to have his share of nicotine, vaping is simple. Starter kits, help people get the hang of a vaping kit before moving on to more complex kits that may require special attention.


In contrast to the lie that vaping must be learnt where importance was given to the vaping kit, another lie that has long been in circulation about vaping is that the act of vaping is very simple. All it needs is inhaling the vapor from a vapor kit and exhaling it. However, that is not the case. Not only is there a special fire button on the kits that needs to be pressed to release vapor, but there are also different techniques to vape which are definitely not as simple as just inhaling and exhaling. Different techniques to inhale the vapor involve Direct to Lung Vaping and Mouth to Lung Vaping. Both these methods provide different levels of nicotine feel as well as different flavor feels. Where different methods may be suitable to different people depending on whether the vapor wants to enjoy a cigarette type of inhalation style or wants to quit.

E Liquids Contain Poisonous Substances

This claim is not only a lie but also very dumb. E liquids do not contain any poisonous substances. Perhaps a possible reason behind this claim is that e liquids contain nicotine, a substance that could be poisonous. However, the quantity of nicotine present in e liquids is so little that it could not be poisonous. Other ingredients contained in the e liquid contain Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) and flavoring, none of which are poisonous.

Second Hand Vapor = Passive Smoking

Everyone knows how harmful passive smoking is. The government has therefore banned smoking in public and people have come to abhor the practice around them because they bear the consequences without even being directly involved in it. This same belief has been made popular about vapes too. People believe that the vapor (vapor is different from smoke) that is exhaled by vapers, when inhaled, can be harmful for them. However, this belief too, is grounded in the fact that vaping is the same as cigarettes. Second hand vapor is not as harmful as passive smoking since all the contents in an e liquid are organic, unlike cigarette smoke which not only contains tar, but also several other chemicals that are produced as a result of the combustion.

Vaping Leads to Smoking

People, in the last couple of years have seen vaping develop into a highly demanded entity. They have also observed that vapes are being used by people who have never smoked cigarettes in their entire life. This has led to a common misconception that vapes are leading to smoking. Although I will not deny this fact entirely, but I will say that vaping is in fact a force against smoking and that is how it has been promoted throughout the world.

Only To Quit Smoking

Another lie that comes around in the world of vaping is that vapes are used primarily by people who want to quit smoking. This is because the feature of vaping that allows you to control your nicotine is very suitable to help smokers quit smoking. That is why the device is so famous among people that want to quit smoking. It is also famous for helping quit smoking because that was the main advertising point used by manufacturers.

However, this does not meant that quitting smoking is the only reason that people use vapes. In fact, reports suggest that the most important reason for people to vape is that vapes are less harmful than cigarettes. But it just doesn’t end here. There are more reasons for people to vape. These reasons include the charisma of so many different flavors, the fact that vapes are not as widely banned as cigarettes are and that vaping is not harmful to other people.

Nicotine Feel

People that have tried vaping but still relapsed to cigarette smoking always tend to give an excuse that vaping does not allow the same nicotine feel as that of a cigarette. However, that is only partially true. Although many vaping kits may allow a much subtler nicotine hit than cigarettes, it is only because they are not designed especially to provide just a great nicotine feel. Vapes specially designed to provide enhanced nicotine feel such as Pod Mods or using vape liquids like nicotine salts guarantee a much better nicotine feel, perhaps even better than that of cigarettes without providing a very harsh throat hit.

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