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Published on March 2nd, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


What Are the Benefits of Online Piano Lessons?

Technology has surely risen beyond human expectations. It seems that it gets better each year and yet there are still more to explore. Humans mostly rely on the internet at this day and age and we can do a lot of things online such as shop, chat with friends, and even take courses. Online learning is definitely the future of education.

Important commitments, such as family, warrants a lot of time. So, taking online courses at your own time is the best way to go. One of the unusual things to learn online is playing the piano. The traditional process of learning the piano is having a piano teacher by your side and showing you what to do.

There’s this comfort when a professional is able to guide you. But there are situations wherein you would rather learn on your own. You might ask, “can I really learn to play the piano online and by myself?”. The answer is YES and you might be surprised on the number of benefits of online piano lessons.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Have you ever felt anything so stimulating and satisfying when you learn something and that you are so hyped in learning the next lesson? Well, if you’re learning to play the piano the traditional way, then you would need a week (depending on your schedule) to have access to the next lesson.

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The benefit of an online piano tutorial is leaning at your own pace. You can start another lesson after you have finished one. You don’t need to rush yourself into learning the lesson in an hour or two. Learning at your own pace can ensure that you have understood the lesson well and that will give you more confidence in playing the new piano you bought from Morris Brothers Pianos.

Aside from learning the piano, you are also unconsciously learning technical skills just by being online. These skills include navigating websites, creating notes online, creating and sharing recordings, and the likes.

Save a Lot of Time

A lot of people are apprehensive about taking courses as it requires a lot of their time. Learning piano will require more time than usual courses because your instructor would need to know if you learned anything.

You would have to showcase the learnings by playing for them. Learning the traditional way would need a certain agreed schedule between you and the instructor as opposed to learning online wherein you can do it at any time. The traditional way would also require you time for transportation.

Travelling to your piano lessons can take hours depending on your location. As for online lessons, it would be as simple as turning on your device, going to the site, and learn. You can use that extra time to practice more!

Learn Anywhere

The great thing about online piano lessons is you don’t have to worry about location. You don’t have to wonder if there are piano teachers around your area. You can have access to your lessons anywhere and that you don’t need a lot of requirements other than a device, an internet connection, and of course, a piano! Research shows that environment deeply affects learning and productivity. So, it’s important to be in a place where you are most comfortable.

Gain Confidence

Being able to learn at your comfortable pace can make you gain confidence in playing the piano. You would feel like a master and can do anything. If you have understood the lessons and practiced really hard, performing in front of people will be very easy for you.

But if you think that you’re not yet ready for a crowd, playing for family and friends is the way to go. Getting criticism from the people you are closest with will help you better yourself more because they want to see you succeed. Doing this can make you a more confident performer ready to play for the world. While for some, playing for their loved ones is already an achievement on its own.

Unlimited Access

f you have ever felt unsatisfied with your traditional piano class because you have not understood the lesson and you can’t just simply ask your teacher to repeat the lesson for some reason, then learning online piano lessons in Toronto is great for you.

You can repeat the lessons over and over until you have finally mastered it. You can even repeat it as a refresher even after you have finished the whole course unlike doing it the traditional way in which you would have to pay again. Although, having unlimited access to the courses can make you delay learning. That’s why the next benefit will help you in this aspect.

Develop Self Discipline

Learning by yourself takes a lot of effort and determination. There will be frustrating times wherein you can’t seem to understand the lessons and consider giving up. Never lose sight of your goal and let the willingness to learn be your ultimate motivation. Once you have finished the piano lessons, you will be surprised at the self-discipline you have shown. In fact, playing the piano for years helps you become more disciplined.

Connect with Fellow Students

The usual scenario in school is to learn from teachers and relate to others. It’s very similar to learning the piano with a teacher except that there are no other students. Piano lessons are usually done one on one so, there is no one else to relate to other than your teacher.

Peer relationships are essential to social development as it’s a chance to talk and share about common interests. By doing online piano lessons, you are being exposed to the internet. You can find a lot of fellow students online and be able to share notes with them. This can also be a chance to increase your network and an opportunity to learn more from experts.

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Save Your Money

There are hundreds of online piano lessons that you can enroll in and a lot are for free. But do take note that free lessons are usually limited in terms of the scope of learning. The paid lessons are not that expensive compared to paying a piano teacher to teach you. You will also save money and time for transportation as mentioned earlier. You can use the saved money for other things or for a piano if you don’t have any yet.


For some, they would need hand holding in every step of the process when learning how to play complex instruments such as the piano. There is definitely nothing wrong with that but don’t disregard the idea of learning piano online as there are a lot of benefits. Besides, learning anything relies heavily on your will and determination whether traditional or online.

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