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Published on March 13th, 2018 | by Christopher Porteus


Top 5 Android Keyboard Apps

You don’t have to stick with a boring default keyboard app when there are great alternatives in the market. Here is a list of five android keyboard apps from various third parties you can get on Google Play Store that will get you typing faster and enjoy it. Whether you’re a social media manager, do high school tutoring, using your instagram bot Gramista or merely likes chatting, there’s something for you on this list.

Top 5 Android Keyboard Apps


What makes this among the top, if not the best, is its customization function. It also comes with the option of uploading themes to match your style and even mood. You get to do as much customization as a person with an iOS keyboard gets to do. With every version, bug fixes are made for an improved experience. You can download the SwiftKey Keyboard with Emoji and begin the experience. It has 100 million downloads.


This is the second most downloaded keyboard on the list. It has a tap and swipe input, and what makes it convenient is that you can type the first word of a sentence and swipe between the suggested words appearing over the keys to complete it. You’re also able to tweet directly from the app and has over 1000 Emoji, GIFs, and emotions in the app. It’s free and supports over 97 languages.


Short of Google keyboard, this would be the most secure option on the list because you don’t have to share your information with third-party apps. It has a tonne of advantages over other apps including allowing you to search the internet right on your keyboard, which includes Google Maps and YouTube. The app supports over 120 languages and will enable you to switch languages as you type. There also the option of using glide or voice typing.

Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

If you’re looking for a keyboard that can find and send GIF images, and browse sanskrit tattoo ideas then this one is for you. You’re also able to type faster as it corrects errors automatically as you make them while typing. You can get it on Google Play Store though it doesn’t come with adware.

Go Keyboard

This multi-touch keyboard also supports swipe input. You can personalize the keyboard using emoji, themes, wallpapers, colorful fonts and a key tone among other features. It has next word prediction and corrects your errors as you type by learning. They have a wide selection of themes with more added on a weekly basis. It supports 60 languages and has multiple layouts to cater to the various language options.

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