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3 Types of Online Gaming That Is Legal in Canada

Online gaming has become very popular in Canada. This is due to the fact that people are able to win cash prizes instantly. Despite that, there are Canadians who dread gambling with their hard earned cash for fear of losing it all. The current government has also played a major role in promoting online gambling. It has actually made some laws that protect the interests of online gamers by a great deal. As of this date, gambling on the internet is not a criminal offence. This has given locals the confidence to play their favorite games without worrying about the authorities. Below are three types of online gambling that are allowed in Canada.

1. Gambling on Foreign Sites

Canadian law clearly states that it’s legal for locals to participate in online gambling on sites that are hosted outside of the country. This means that those who play on local sites will be prosecuted as they are breaking the law. The good thing is that there are tons of foreign websites that specifically target Canadians. You can therefore be sure that you will not run out of options when you want to switch between different sites.

Perhaps the government only allows citizens to play on portals that don’t operate within the country because they don’t have a way of taxing them. It’s actually difficult to regulate online gaming companies that are registered in foreign nations. However, if you don’t get paid for your wins by these foreign gambling websites, the government can’t intervene. You should therefore be careful when choosing such sites. In fact, it’s advisable that you stick to companies that have made a name for themselves by making timely payments. You can get access to such sites by visiting

2. Playing at Registered Casinos

The Canadian government has made it compulsory for all casinos that are not operated on the internet to get a license before hitting the ground. If you have to gamble at an offline casino just make sure it’s registered by the government. It’s actually easy to tell whether a casino is licensed or not. Illegitimate casinos prefer locations that are not easily accessible by the general public. If you are arrested while playing at a casino, it could be because it doesn’t have a license of registration.

Besides that, they keep their doors closed most of the time just to avoid being caught by the authorities. On the other hand, offline casinos that are registered can be found within luxury hotels and bars. This is due to the fact that they target people who are filthy rich. The government allows them to remain operational because they give out some of their earnings to charities and pay taxes.

3. All can Play Except Children

As long as you are 20 years and above, you are allowed to gamble on the internet. Your participation on foreign portals can’t be regarded as an offense unless you have not reached the recommended age. As a matter of fact, most online gaming portals don’t allow persons under the age of 18 years. You might ask yourself how they are able to tell whether a gambler is still a child or not. It’s actually very simple. All they have to do is ask for your date of birth when registering for an account on their website.

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