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The wonder is put back into everyday vehicles with these Blade Runner style designs

Technology is foremost a tool, an extension of the human body and mind, anything we find in nature and combine or twist to make it do something new. In itself this is a pretty exciting thing, but in our daily lives the wonder of technology often seems to become lost amongst the drudgery of work. Computers would have been unimaginable to our ancestors, yet today they are commonplace, and often considered a nuisance. And cars, while they have the potential to be things of beauty, are either ignored, tolerated, or – quite rightly – detested for the damage they inflict upon our environment and on the aesthetics of our streets.

Thus, it takes a little thing called science-fiction to put the thrill back into technology for the average jaded Jo. And few science-fiction ideas have managed this more effectively than Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner movie. The wonder of that particular picture is that it shows technology as the everyday thing that it truly is, yet still imbues every example of it with the magic and engineering genius that underlies most of our gadgets and vehicles. From cybernetic androids to flying cars, technology is commonplace, dangerous, and even malevolent in the Blade Runner universe – but always with a reminder of the spark of imagination from whence it arose.

The people at Ford Jennings Direct have picked up on this magic and, ahead of the long-awaited Blade Runner sequel, commissioned a series of designs for Blade Runner-universe vehicles that are based on the commonplace cars, vans and bikes that we see on the streets today. Perhaps you yourself drive a Volkswagen Golf, a Harley, or a Ford Transit Custom: in which case, behold these images of what they might look like in the cyberpunk LA of thirty years hence. It could be enough to rekindle your love affair with your motor, and with technology in general.


The Spinner Police car can drive on the ground or hover through the air, menacingly monitoring the population from the skies. Here we’ve re-imagined it as a Dodge Charger LX, one of the most high-performing police cars of recent times. This Blade Runner-style Dodge wouldn’t look out of place flying through the sky, pulling over a wayward replicant or cyber criminal.

Deckard’s Sedan

Rick Deckard used this decommissioned Sedan Spinner to shuttle him around as he undertook his mission to “retire” escaped androids. Some speculate that Phillip K. Dicks’ dystopian vision of artificial intelligence gone awry is not so far off happening for real. If so, real-life Blade Runners would need something like this Tesla Model S. Its zero-to-60mph time makes it the ideal vehicle to chase down troublesome androids.

Armadillo Van

The eccentric genetic designer J. F. Sebastian went about his business in this Armadillo van, which some say influenced the design of the Ford Transit range. Why he chose this vehicle is a mystery, but maybe he used it to collect parts for his homemade toy-friends. In real life he’d need something like this Ford Transit Custom, reimagined for him here.

‘Everyday’ Car

Not all of the people in the Blade Runner universe are escaped androids or specialist police officers on a mission. The Blade Runner city of Los Angeles in 2019 is depicted as technologically advanced and densely populated. But what kind of cars would everyday people drive? Perhaps this functional, yet futuristic, Volkswagen Gold Hatchback.

Blade Runner Truck

Set 30 years after the original movie, Blade Runner 2049 is bound to show us a whole host of new technologically advanced vehicles. Which car designs of the future will this movie inspire? Well, for a start, we’ve re-designed this Nikola One Semi, based on a Truck spotted in the trailer.

Spinner Motorcycle

The police officers in Blade Runner have their work cut out keeping the peace. Cyber criminals are running amok and the police need speedy and reliable vehicles. The powerful and streamlined Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle would make the perfect Spinner motorcycle. Escaped replicants wouldn’t get very far with this bike at their heels. To have an equally good riding experience in real life, you would need a good wheel chock. Here is a list of the best Motorcycle Wheel Chock For 2017.

The ground-breaking designs from Blade Runner in 1982 clearly influenced car designers in future decades. With the new movie on the way, all eyes will be on the new car designs. These re-imagined real-life vehicles give us a further glimpse of where we might be heading.

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