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7 Applications of Algebra in Everyday Life

People often lament that education is burdening them with subjects of which they don’t find any utility in everyday life. Introduction to algebra is often put in the dock because it is found to be abstract and not grasped comfortably. But Algebra in fact is one of the most commonly used techniques used in everyday life, let us see below seven examples of it.

Our Inherent Understanding of Parabola

Ever wondered how when we throw a ball to kids, their hands automatically pre-judge the ball’s trajectory and get ready to catch it. Thanks to our inherent understanding of algebra, kids can determine the trajectory and be ready to catch the ball. Even when the kids do not know algebra, they are still able to use it.

Making of Schedule

Making a schedule is something we all do. For example, if we have to reach school at 8 AM and it takes 40 minutes to reach the school, it takes 20 minutes to eat breakfast and 30 minutes to get ready. Considering all the activities and the time it takes to complete them, we can make a schedule and plan things such that we are on time for our activities. This is essentially the application of algebra.


When cooking a meal, there is a lot to process to have the right quantity of the prepared meal and the right proportion of the ingredients used. We need to see for how many people the meal is required based on their estimated diet, and then consequently see as per the proportions what quantity of which ingredient would be needed. This is one delicious application of the algebraic expression.

Computer Programming

Perhaps we can now consider computer programming to be part of everyday life. In programming, it’s often said that understanding ‘variables’ is the key to having a good program. To use variables to hold values is another application of algebra. Algebra is also pretty much the fabric of computer programming and is thus a handy tool.

Home Decoration

If there is a house to be decorated, get ready as there would be tons of algebra going to get involved. Starting from measuring the house area and then distributing artifacts across the space fitting the size and shape available in the home is a quintessential application of algebra application. When planning to have a pool in the yard, it again will require algebra to know the height and size of the pool and hence the amount of water it will hold to the length of the pipe that would be required to drain the pipe and speed with which it can empty the pool are all algebraic equation applications.

Physical Exercise

If you visit a gym, you will find yourself surrounded by numbers. They are set to decide the speed and inclination in the treadmills, and consequently, each setting tells how many calories will get burned. There is also input required to calculate your body mass index and thus put out the statistics appropriately. No doubt gymnasiums are not just a playground for physical activity but also an exercising ground for algebra.


Indeed we are surrounded by technology in recent times, whether it is our flat-screen televisions, computer monitors, smartphones, or digital watches they are all in fact algebra in action. Inside each of these artifacts, it is an algebra that makes sure to have all the many parts inside these gadgets work in tandem. Whether it is the CPU utilization algorithms in computers or pixel density in flat-screen televisions, they all operate with algebra as the backbone.

Algebra while looks abstract; theoretically, its application across everyday life makes it a surprising common science. Many times without knowing it, we are in fact dealing with algebra. If one gets acquainted with algebra theory, they would be able to have a better mastery of its various applications.

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