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Four Everyday Technologies that Prove the Future is Now

With the hectic pace of life today, it’s easy to forget the remarkable things all around us. When you’re answering emails on your work phone or clicking through pop up ads, it’s easy to see technology as an irritant and nothing more. Every once in a while, though, it’s nice to sit back and take childlike joy in the simple miracles made possible by technology. Here are a few modern miracles that it’s worth taking time to appreciate.

Machine Learning

This might sound like meaningless jargon, but the gist is this: machine learning software allows computers to adjust algorithms and make predictions without human supervision. The applications are endless, but a common one you probably encounter every day without realizing is the software tracking online activity and using that to bring you smarter and more relevant ads. If that sounds like artificial intelligence, that’s because it’s very, very close. Odds are very good that machine learning is going to be an important part of artificial intelligence if or when that ever becomes a reality.

Wireless Charging

Having a smartphone is remarkable enough. A supercomputer that you carry around in your pocket, immediately linking you to the entire globe and most of human knowledge. Being able to charge that phone without plugging it in? Now that’s just witchcraft. Wireless charging is one of those things that, even ten to fifteen years ago, seemed so impractical as to be impossible, and yet now it is very nearly standard.

Self-Driving Cars

Through the existing modern magic of GPS, we are nearly able to let cars drive us places instead of the other way around. And yes, there are bugs; there are always bugs to work out in new technology, but the possibility alone is exciting. It opens all kinds of possibilities for accessibility and public transport, enough that some say that self-driving cars are a moral imperative.


Drones get a bad rep, but they can be used for more than military purposes. People are working on ways for drones to be used to fight fires and explore areas too dangerous for humans to visit. Of course, drone technology doesn’t have a bad rep for no reason. The thing about any piece of technology is that it has potential to be used for evil as well as good. This does not change the fact that it is essentially remarkable, and well worth marveling at.

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