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Xbox360: Rechargable Battery Pack Not Charging? The Fix Is Here!

So your rechargeable battery pack for your wireless Xbox360 controller isn’t charging, no matter what you do ayyy? And do you object to paying for another one?  Fear no more, I have two quick solutions to fix this. They both work for people (it all depends on the battery’s “unseen condition”. I have a black pack here that I just tried both of these methods which the second method worked on.

Firstly why does this happen

Ni-MH battery’s lose 30% charge in this first day with no use, then the charge rate decreases and will completely discharge at room temperature in about 30 days. The problem that you have run into is that the battery is so low that it won’t accept a charge. The capacitance of the battery its self is changing polarity to a near neutral when it reaches such a dead point. By forcing the recharge on the battery over and over again you are giving the battery enough of a charge to allow it to recharge as per normal again.

First Method

I must say thanks to the guys at Gamespot and especially LightSpecter101 in his post there.

Basically using your play and charge kit, a controller and said “dead” battery pack, you turn on your 360, plug in your play and charge kit and put the battery in a controller. Plug the play and charge kit into the controller and you should see the light turn red. This means it is charging. But quickly it goes green. Green means it is not charging. As soon as it turns green unplug it from the play and charge kit and re-plug it in again.

You must repeat this process until the red light remains on.

The Second Method

Thankfully I came across this method as I have a black controller with a black Microsoft Official battery pack and it simply was not charging! I tried different controllers, different play and charge kits and it just did nothing! Thankfully YouTube did have an answer for me and probably many other users. Thanks to fraviaseeker from YouTube, his “paperclip fix” worked well! Check the video out bellow.


Basically there are six terminals and you take a paperclip/length of wire and short the 2nd and 5th terminal (left to right).  Because you are shorting it the paperclip/wire will get hot.
Keep doing this until the clip/wire stops getting hot.

Then, put the clip on the 1st and 5th terminal and then 2nd and 6th terminal to reset the logic board of the battery.

All of this is outlined in the video above.

What I did after was put the battery to charge and it has been charging for over 5 minute’s straight now (red light woohoo).

Note: For the new xbox one controller iphone.

Feel free to leave a comment if you wish.

Good luck and hope either of these tricks work for you.

God Bless





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43 Responses to Xbox360: Rechargable Battery Pack Not Charging? The Fix Is Here!

  1. I am writing to let you be aware of what a extraordinary encounter my cousin’s child gained reading through your site. She realized many pieces, which included what it’s like to have an awesome giving character to make many people easily know just exactly selected extremely tough topics. You really exceeded our own expected results. Thanks for producing the essential, healthy, educational not to mention fun guidance on that topic to Ethel.

  2. Avatar XeX_DuBwoofer_x says:

    Hi Beat By Dre Studio, are you referring to my posts specifically or all posts on this blog? i do thank you and i believe the rest of the Techno FAQ team would agree about how joyus your kind remarks towards the educational and fun aspects of what you see here make us 🙂

  3. Avatar Koda says:

    Okay, uh. I’m not sure where my battery applies in these methods.

    For starters, the battery pack only works in one particular controller, and that particular controller only accepts this particular battery pack.
    When I try charging it with the plug and play cord (both grey and black work), the red light comes on no worries.
    I left it sitting there for 12 hours, tried turning it on straight away, lasted about 4 seconds and went bingo.
    I tried the method shown in the video (using a 3,3kR resisor to avoid burning my fingers). Left it draining like that for a good 4 hours, no fuss. Shorted 1+5 then 2+6. Great. Plugged it in, red light again, off we go.
    Check it in the morning, 12 hours later, unplug it and try turning it on. Nada. Wiggle it around, check pins, all is good, try again… Nothing.

    I have a feeling the battery is way beyond the point of no return. Any ideas?

    If it helps, both the cord and the battery pack are a little warm while charging. I originally thought this was just because of the current flow, but proceeded to learn that a hot battery means there’s a fault. Although I wouldn’t say the battery is hot- it’s just warm- that’s still a considerable factor.

    Any and all ideas are appreciated.

  4. Avatar ibrahim says:

    i try to do as it show on the video, but when i connect the 2 and the 5, the wire became hot only once.
    and when i try to charge it again i got the same problem.
    anything else i can do?????

  5. Avatar Mikey says:

    Thanks. Great tip. I had 2 packs that would not charge. Took me a couple of attempts on them using method 2 but they are both charging now so will see how they go. Many thanks.

  6. Avatar knox says:

    K so the video says 2nd and 4th but the site says 2nd and 5th… Which is it?

    • Avatar David Epic says:

      The video corrects itself, you may need to turn on annotations to see the correction. it is 2nd and 5th btw like the site says.

  7. Avatar marky dee says:

    thank you so much, i have a charging battery pack as we speak, i used the spring battery connector you get in things as never had paper clip, took a few attempts but working a treat now, thanks again

  8. Avatar Tom McCaul says:

    I was given an Xbox that had been sitting in a basement for two years. The connected battery packs would not hold a charge, nor would the little light illuminate. I tried the second method posted on this site and viola, my controller is charging.

    thanks a bunch

  9. Avatar Mike says:

    Yo this totally worked for me!! Thanks for the info..thought I had to spend money on another battery/charger. I didnt have a paper clip so I used a Staple..worked just as well. Thanks!

  10. Avatar Alex says:

    I burnt the crap out of my hand but it didn’t work… My charge cable light flashes green for a split second when I plug it in then it goes out and my controller stays dead 🙁

  11. Wow, It’s been more than a year since I bought the Play&Charge. The battery never charged. It seemed dead!

    But the first option really helped me : I never had a red light on the controller… just followed the advice, I unplugged and re-plugged, light goes red. Seems the battery is charging for the first time.

    Thanks to you !

  12. Avatar Aaron Smith says:

    I tried method 2, and the battery seems to be working now. I have a charger that plugs into the wall, so I needed an extra step. Once I followed the steps in the video, I inserted the battery into the charger. The light immediately turned green. So I pulled the battery out and put it in again. Same thing. The third time I plugged it in, the battery light stayed right. It seems to be charging now – a battery pack that I thought was dead. Thanks!

  13. Avatar Annette Martin says:

    Brand new wireless controller for xbox360. Plug it in the red light blinks

  14. Avatar Mike Brown says:

    I had a battery pack that sat over a year without being used. I tried both methods several times without success. I was able to get it to start charging by doing something else. I plugged in the AA battery pack and the charging cable. Then by tilting the charging cable a bit I was able to press the release button with a small screwdriver and release the AA battery pack. I then installed the rechargeable pack and got the red charging light.

  15. Avatar ImAquarii says:

    I was reading this and playing around with my charger…. i put the charger in and it turns red and i was like ygefiughwefuhsefkusdfiuhgkfiuaerukgrlsiugyyayayayayayayayaya:D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  16. Avatar ImAquarii says:

    Thanks 😀 i didnt know red was good

  17. Avatar Copleyuk says:

    Tried both methods and made no difference, put a working AA battery between two bits of paper clip with that going to 2 and 5. Red light on and pack charging.

    Maybe a coincidence but thought I would post just in case 🙂

  18. Avatar Jamie says:

    I have searched the web and tried to find a way to charge a sealed battery pack for a xbox 360 all I got is the packs and my cord that plugs in top of the charger has done messed up and got losses I’m tryying to find a way to charge it without the controller or breaking down the pack and charge the batteries if anyone knows the prongs to touch would be great

  19. Avatar Jamie says:

    On top of the controller not charger lol

  20. Avatar mitch says:

    Or you could be like me and swear a battery pack is dead and not holding a charge and turning from red to green. Then, pull out the charger in frustration and realize the controller didn’t turn off because the pack is fully charged. XD

  21. Avatar HyDrOpOnIc1987 says:

    Hi, not sure if this is still a working thread, but here goes. I know this may sound stupid but i was wondering if the type of metal used to short the battery matters. I have a paperclip that had a colored coating on it, cut it off, stuck it into an eraser as to not burn my hand but it didnt even get warm. I dont have any other paperclips, so what would be best to use instead. That said though, i stuck the paperclip to both posts on a 9V battery and it got hot damn near immediately. I just bought three battery packs second hand, too a chance on em, none work. Please help! (Non refundable incase someone asks).

    • Avatar HyDrOpOnIc1987 says:

      Also, how long does it take for paperclip to get hot and how long should approach number two take all together?

  22. Avatar bryce says:

    i followed method 1 it work had to keep pluging and unplugging for about 20 min but its taking a charge now

  23. Avatar bryce says:

    remember to wait till the green light comes on before unplugging and repeating i was using the charge kit only to do this thanks for the info guys helped big time .

  24. Avatar Mike says:

    Will a nyko charge and play cable,work for a Microsoft batteries to charge.

  25. Avatar paul says:

    i just got a brand new battery with a charge & play cable, it will not take a charge. all other battery packs have charged properly from this controller constantly. so why not this one?

  26. Avatar Rodrigo says:

    Hey, someone can help? Or share some advice? I’m having a different issue with the battery pack and the controller… Usually when I plug the cable neither light turns on, just the green light that do a rapid blinking. After trying the first method I can get the red light sometimes, however after a time it blinks green ant turn off my controller and disconnect it from pc. Thanks in advance.

  27. Avatar Jubez says:

    a water hits my battery pack and it won’t work, what should i do??

  28. Avatar sir says:

    but no my issue is that my xbox wont keep charging the battery after its turned off and the controller stays plugged in.

  29. Avatar Abbish says:

    How can I realise it’s get fully charged?

  30. Avatar Melissa Zimmerman says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with mines but my paper clip is not getting hot. I tried the sequence but it’s still not working for me, so now I’m trying the 1st solution, hopefully that works.

  31. Avatar Flechoski says:


  32. Avatar Sam says:

    I tried the second method for a while with no luck. I tried what Copleyuk said and put a piece of wire from each end of a AA battery to terminals 2 and 5 and held for about 30 seconds. When I popped the battery into the charging station the red light came on immediately and has been on for about 15 minutes at this point.

  33. Avatar jason says:

    I have another method for reviving this bad packs. If yours are dead like mine were(zero voltage) these methods will not be sufficient to bring them back. You need to jump-start the cells by using a power supply. i am going to post a video on youtube on how to perform this procedure. Look for icemanfiveoh on youtube. After the cells have enough charge you can then plug in your charge cable and charge the packs normally. i will be providing some pictures of the packs and what pins you need to connect. you will need a multimeter to check voltages and a power supply to do the charging. it is a little advanced for some people but if you know someone that has these things they can help. I brought back 2 packs this way which were completely dead.

  34. Avatar Gee says:

    Here is what helped me. Similar to the first.
    Plug the USB end of the play and charge kit to a wall charger.
    Plug the controller to the play and change kit.
    Wait for about 1 min, charge light or not.
    Hold on the guide button (the one in the middle).
    When the controller comes on and starts blinking, disconnect the controller from the play and charge kit.
    Remove the battery, put the battery back and try to charge again. I did this to two controllers and it worked.
    You can try this multiple times if it doesn’t work the first time. Worked for me the first time.

    I’ll like to note that the first method in the post worked for a 3rd controller but it took a couple of tries.

  35. Avatar Phil Reid says:

    Thanks very much, method 1 worked after a couple of times, saved me worry and money. Much respect.

  36. Avatar Bill says:

    Dumb idea to use a paper clip to discharge a battery, either use a small 3 volt light bulb or a 100 ohm resistor to drain the battery, otherwise your battery could catch fire or explode, be carefull of what you are telling people to try in the future.

  37. Avatar James Kline says:

    It doesn’t work

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