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Finding Social Trends When Your Platform Disappears

Vine was a great way to access the top viral trends for youth culture. Now that Vine is dead, it might seem impossible to reach youths with quirky videos about water bottle flipping, fighting air, free-sha-vaca-do, or who is she. It can be hard to reconnect with a target market when you lose a social media, especially one as big and far reaching as vine (which could be hosted on other sites and used on other platforms). Whether you’re able to take the time to dig through hashtags, build up your other social, maintain video marketing, and reconnecting with your audience on other platforms, it’s worth it to recapture an audience you had engaged on a now defunct social media.

Is It Worth It?

Was this audience worth it for you?

Were they engaged with your onsite content, did they eventually become buyers, or help your rankings? If this is an audience that is worth recapturing (or if you just used vine as a social tracking tool) it’s definitely worth it to chase them down. You can start by looking at the referral traffic in your G-Analytics to get more information about the effects these users have for you.

Search #Tags

You may not have to search that hard, heck, you might even be selling to basically clones of yourself and just have to search under things that you like. If you’re not selling to clones of yourself, there are articles to help target each individual group and loads of tools. You can also somewhat automate the process, by showing off similar content from onsite to your different channels. A good motto to follow when automating your social media is from Freddy Mini (CEO of Netvibes “Robots shouldn’t do the talking (….) but they can do the watching”. Using tools to gather information on who is posting what, and what is trending with your target audience can help you regather a lost following on other social media.

Build Up Your Other Platforms

Vine might be dead, but you are still up and kickin’ (so are your followers!). When a social media like Vine goes down (Twitter is probably next) following your users to the other social media they definitely are on, or hitting them up IRL is a great way to start regaining your loss.

Facebook is a tried and true social media (everyone has a Facebook) but if you’re aiming for high interaction with your posts, going to social media like Pinterest or Instagram could pay off more. For example, Pinterests engagement levels are insane, but the site is dominated by young women browsing on their mobile devices. Instagram is also a user-engagement powerhouse, but is used mostly by young, urban dwellers.

If you’re chasing a lost Vine audience, Instagram (with it’s video options) might be a smart place for you to go chase down your young, engaged users. But if Twitter goes down and you’re chasing young Japanese office women as an ideal audience (who are one of the largest engaged group of Twitter users) paper flyers might pay off for you a little more. Facebook isn’t very popular in Japan, and breaking into Weibo is like trying to break into Reddit (HARD). Not only is paper easier to comprehend for most readers, but tissue paper campaigns have had success in Japan. Finding where your users are can help you expand to an already interested audience. And that means going offline if you have to.

Definitely Still Use Video Marketing

Just because Vine is dead doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up your video making and leave your social marketing to words. Images and videos are still some of the most consumable content on the web. With Facebook and Youtube’s 4 billion videos played a day, people are clearly clicking on content with moving pictures. Not only that, but they  85% more likely to purchase a product if they’ve watched a video about it. That’s huge!

Vine isn’t dead, you just have to post your videos on the other social media now. That can be the same if other social media goes down. If your audience loves short messages on Twitter, keep in short with the option to read more in the links. Or if they are into the inside view on SnapChat, give them that when they go on Facebook too. You aren’t on just one social media, your audience is too.

Use Other Social To Find Out What The Kids Are Up To- Cross Audience Interest

At this point, you’ve made it to the other social media that your users are into, know what hashtags and @ they follow, and are down to create some really consumable visual content. But are you posting the right stuff for these people?

You can look at what they are interested in your G-Analytics (or get some market research done) or see what they interact with on your site to try and build off the old audience. You can try a variety of bait for this much larger pool.


Dead social media sucks. It takes out a huge audience pool you were probably using. You can try to recapture your audience on the other social media that they use by building off of their interests, age group, and putting out captivating content.

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