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Top 5 Apps in 2019

Mobile applications are the new World. The present World is on the smartphones, living the time of their life, using apps that make life easier, better, entertaining, and more socially connected, and close. Count in anything, you’ll have an application right down your PlayStore (Android) and iOS (Apple) Store to make use of.

You need Entertainment, and you’ll get Netflix, Amazon and a whole new lot of applications. You crave for food. You’ll get thousands of restaurants ready to deliver food to you from right around the corner. Are you feeling bored? Pick up an application or a game of your choice and relax. Want to book a hotel or a flight? You are just a tap away from your destination.

It’s all in the swipes, and clicks and taps.

Not just the use, developers all around the World have been continuously innovating newer and better applications. According to App Brain in October 2016, Google Play saw an addition of 65,000 unique apps.

Even the Comscore’s Yearly U.S. portable report exclaims, “57% of Americans spend more than half of their digital media and multimedia consumption time on mobile apps.”

The present World is an oyster for mobile applications. And with the ever-growing market, demands, and user base, it looks like there will be several other applications that will come in the market. They will make a mark in history with their unique user experience — just the like the ones that we have in our list.


The name is enough, and the numbers speak louder than words. It is the World’s leading cab service that has made rides in, around, outside the cities easier for people. Did you ever know, the application is being used by 8 million people, spread over 400 cities, through 70 different countries?

Available for iOS, Android


With over 2.41 billion active users every month,Facebook is the most significant worldwide social media network. The social networking application has given people, families, friends, and professional networks to interact, engage, and communicate.

Available for iOS, Android


WhatsApp messaging app has over 1.5 billion monthly active users. This is as of 2019. And with an estimated advancement of almost 86 million users by 2023, WhatsApp will cross all messaging applications.

Available for iOS, Android


Instagram, another social media networking application that came to existence in 2010 and now has crossed Facebook and Twitter in terms of its usage. With over 500 million users active, connecting with the World and other people over pictures and videos, and hashtags. (Yes! Use Hashtags, please.) The application is now more engaging than Facebook and Twitter. Users claim, “Instagram posts get 58 times more engagement than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter.” Majority of the tinder and other dating site which can be found via have Instagram attached to their profile.

Even digital marketers claim that they have fallen completely in love with the platform because of all the more significant, better investment they are getting.

Available for iOS, Android


Coming right after WhatsApp is Snapchat. With over 13 million daily active users, the applications let you talk to your friends easily.

Make friends online and talk to them, view live stories from around the World and explore all that you can in a compact live multimedia messaging app.

Available for iOS, Android

So, which one of all the top 5 applications is your favorite?

We are sure it must be Instagram!

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