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Solar Panels Invented for Gloomy Weather

A new type of solar panel has been invented by Australian researchers. This invention is a new type of solar panel that could generate around 20 percent more energy in cloudy weather, making them much more effective than ever before. This improvement to the solar technology is more sensitive to light, making it possible to create energy in dimmer, cloudier weather. All of this in a panel that is a thinner than a human hair. Compared to conventional solar cells, they produce a lot more energy.

What is Solar Power?

Basically solar is the method of creating power by converting the energy from sunlight into electricity. There are two different methods. According to the specialists at MoneyPug, which is used as an energy comparison site, one of them is called photovoltaics, and it’s capable of directly converting light into electric power.

This is the kind of solar that you would find in a calculator. Mirror lenses were first used in solar power systems to collect sunlight that falls on large area and focus on the parts that get the most sun. Dependent upon both latitude and climate, productivity of solar panels can vary.

The best locations for solar panels are hot, cloudless climates that get around 10 hours of sun each day. While solar energy accounted for 1.7 percent of the world’s electricity production in 2017, it has been growing at a rate of 35 percent every year. The eastern part of the Sahara, the Libyan Desert, is the sunniest place on Earth according to NASA but now colder, darker places will have the chance to create more energy with solar.

Solar Panels with Quantum Dots

The technology of these solar panels uses tiny nanoparticles called quantum dots, which are about five billionths of a meter in size and can be made into a liquid or printed. Then they are put onto the surfaces and harden to form a flexible layer. When they are exposed to solar energy in a cell device, these quantum dots pass electrons between one another to generate an electrical current. Traditional solar cells can work under cloudy conditions, but quantum dots are better at producing energy because they absorb a broader spectrum of solar light.

The Researchers

The report was published by Nature Energy from Australia. The group of researchers is headed by Professor Lianzhou Wang at the University of Queensland. They have said that their invention is a significant step in the right direction to make solar a viable alternative to fossil fuel energy. It will also help countries hit their renewable energy targets. While this research is important, more like it needs to be done to facilitate the transition to a world powered by renewable energy..

Ability & Results

The researchers have claimed that they have achieved a 25 percent improvement in solar cell efficiency over the previous world record. The study was conducted to create a solar panel that is “British weather-proof.” This means that they wanted to create solar technology that works well in gloomy weather. The new generation of quantum dot technology is compatible with more affordable and larger-scale printable technologies.

The Future

The invention of solar panels with quantum dots are a step in the right direction. However, there needs to be more research done to improve the technology of renewables. With the need to transition to a more eco-friendly world, new technologies will be need to be made. Energy targets around the world are not being met, and the use of renewable energy will need to drastically increase in order to switch into a more sustainable world.

Solar panels that are more effective will greatly help this. It will make it so that people can install solar panels on their home even if they don’t live in a warm, sunny climate. Not only will this help them produce energy, it will facilitate the move away from fossil fuel power. It also goes to show that we can become a greener society. This is where the money is. Over time, people will make a lot of money by creating technologies that will facilitate the green revolution.

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