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Online Gaming As A Side Hustle – How To Make Money

Making some extra dollars every month is an exciting prospect. Not surprisingly, the side hustle culture is making it big in the US. The best thing is that you can make money doing something you enjoy, provided you pick the right opportunity. Online gaming is a good one as you can make consistent money and sometimes even hit the jackpot. Moreover, there are options to earn even without exceptional skills and experience. Pick a game of luck, and you are good to go. But there is a lot you need to know about online gaming as a side hustle opportunity. Let us highlight some actionable ideas you can try.

Become a pro gamer

If you want to move from side hustle to full-time eventually, becoming a pro gamer is the best way to start. The opportunity is big because you can win millions with the right gaming skills and a good platform. There are several sponsored events where pros can participate in competitive esports. Prize money is often high, and you can gain popularity in professional circles.

Explore streaming

You can explore the world of live streaming to showcase your skills and proficiencies. It is easy to upload videos on YouTube and build a fan following for your channel. You only need a smartphone to get started and have a regular income through ads and subscriptions. Just focus on entertaining subscribers and building the numbers, and you can easily become a household name sooner than you think.

Try your luck

Pursuing gaming as a side hustle does not require you to be a pro or even a seasoned gamer who can entertain with streaming videos. You can even try your luck with online sports betting to make big money. While it’s a sport of sheer luck, you can learn the ropes gradually and become a knowledgeable bettor. You must ensure that you find a reliable website that you can trust for sharing your personal and financial details.

Work part-time as a QA tester

Another side hustle for gaming lovers is to become a part-time QA tester for upcoming games. You get to do what you love, with the thrill of playing games even before they hit the market. The job is simple, as you only have to find flaws and suggest improvements with your first-hand experience. There are endless opportunities for the role as a large number of games are launched every month, and producers look for people who can test them.

Opt for gaming journalism

Gaming journalism is another side hustle that can generate a steady revenue stream year after year. A good understanding of gaming and writing skills sets you up for success. You can start your own blog, create tutorials, or join an existing site. Pick a genre and create educational content around it. You can write reviews, cover news, and even do interviews. Get paid as a freelancer or monetize your blog for regular income.

Online gaming is an ideal side hustle as you get paid while having a good time. Once you become good enough, you may even consider it as a full-time earning stream. Just go ahead and find your calling!

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