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Where to place subwoofer with soundbar?

Most of the time, the speakers of the television does not provide the quality and clear sound to the users. In such cases, the subwoofer can turn out to be the top-most option. A subwoofer is mainly designed to create the impact of bass i.e., the generation of audios with low frequencies. Basically, this system provides the frequencies ranging from 20 HZ to 200 HZ depending on the utilization of the same. For instance, if the subwoofer is designed for the consumer use then the frequency of the same doesn’t exceed 200 HZ. On the other hand, for the professional utilization, the frequency of a subwoofer is 100-150 Hz.

However, the adjustment and installation of this system with soundbar require extra efforts and room. Therefore, the proper placement of this system is a must. Now you might be wondering that where to place subwoofer with soundbar? This is because though a subwoofer is the best alternative for the improper sound speakers, the same may not work appropriately if they are not installed properly. Apart from this, it is often believed that even the top-most and amazing subwoofer system can turn out to be the worst if is placed in a poor room that is associated with the standing-wave issues. There is even more work when you want to get one installed with your car. MusicCritic subwoofers for vehicles can be easy to install, and can give you a quality experience for the duration of your ride. All you need to do is invest, sit back and drive.

The major reason behind it is that such spots affect the bass of the system and hence, reducing the clearance of the sound. However, in most of the cases, there exist the standing-wave issues in the room that is why it is an essentiality to set up the room first and then invest in buying this system.

The subwoofer is especially used in the filming industries to generate the appropriate bass and create an effect of low as well as high frequencies in the motion picture. However, this system is not that easy to use as you might need a motor, an inert cabinet, a firm driver, and an amplifier to operate. In the recent times, you can also avail the free packaged soundbar with the subwoofer system. Before opting for the subwoofer make sure that the system you are buying should have the potency to strike the intense bass notes and ability to produce the low sound frequencies without leaving behind the soundstage.

Where to place subwoofer with soundbar?

If you have decided to install the subwoofer system to increase the efficiency and sound quality of your sound system then the next essential factor to consider is the placement of the same. Here are the three foremost tips that can aid you to position your subwoofer with soundbar in the most appropriate spot:

  1. Consider the cords – before positioning a subwoofer, make sure to examine the wiring of it. For instance, if there is a need for the direct link of the subwoofer with the receiver then make sure to conceal the wires. In such cases, whichever spot you choose to position the subwoofer, the wires should be either hide or covered to avoid unnecessary damage. This is because; the wire lying on the floor increases the probability of getting ruined and deteriorating the connection. However, no need to worry now as the wireless subwoofers are also created in the recent times and is in a huge demand by various professionals. One such wireless subwoofer kit is Klipsch WA-2. This system allows the user to utilize the play and plug functions install it easily and provide the strong bass notes with a few wires.
  2. Corners and walls – the chief merit of placing the subwoofer with soundbar in the corner of the room are that it may provide you with the quality output by increasing the sound of sub. However, this place cannot be the right fit for the user if the corners are sited at a large distance from the listening spot of the user. Therefore, the user should opt for the set up of the subwoofer in the corners provided that the corners are not far away from their listening area. At the same time, more the close your subwoofer is to the wall worse and harsh the sound quality will be. Moreover, if you are going to buy a system having port design i.e., the system with a special area to access the airflow then you might be necessitated to position it at least twice the distance of the diameter from the wall. For instance, the 8-inch subwoofer should be placed 16 inches away from the wall to regulate the airflow.
  3. Find the most suitable spot – unlike the subwoofer comprising various wires, a wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the floor depending upon the preference of the user and the area of your flat. However, to ensure that the subwoofer would sound properly, you can connect the subwoofer with the soundbar and place it at any particular spot. Now go to the location where you think that you might watch the movies and listen to music the most and observe if the sound is clear and the system is producing the deep bass notes. If the sound is appropriate then you can fix it at the same palace. If you are having a large room and several mates then it is recommended to opt for two subwoofer system to increase the efficiency and sound quality.


A subwoofer with a soundbar can be preferred by any household, however, if you are having an open room then a small –sized subwoofer may not prove to be effective. Generally, the large subwoofers and the dual subwoofers are designed for the large listening areas. At the same time, if you desire to create space and place the system in the open area then what is better than opting for a wireless subwoofer system? It not only reduces the space by eliminating the unwanted wire but is comparatively easy to operate than that of the system consisting of various wires. Moreover, if you are having pets and kids then the wired subwoofer system is not made for your area.

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