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Octo Browser Review 2022: Is it the best antidetect browser for multi-accounting?

Octo Browser review 2022: Do you wish to use multiple Facebook accounts? Maybe you’re running Amazon FBA and wish to run multiple accounts simultaneously? Some other ad/bonus advertising platform that doesn’t let you create more than one account?

Octo Browser is a browser that can solve all mentioned problems! Moreover, it also makes it nearly impossible for websites to track you.

So, if your problem is “I need to run multiple accounts on the same platform” and/or you’d like to be invisible on the web, Octo Browser can help you.

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Octo Browser – an Introduction

The first question we should be addressing in this Octo Browser review: what exactly is Octo Browser?

It’s an anti-detect web browser. It lets you use multiple accounts on the same device. This is true even for the strictest website protocols that only allow 1 account per user.

Octo Browser can do this by generating unique browser profiles for your sessions. Your browser profile basically contains data that can be used to identify you.

Octo Browser uses real fingerprints (from actual systems) to disguise your original device and generate these new profiles for you. Hence, the website never knows it’s you behind all those profiles.

Those interested in testing Octo Browser will frequently find a free download option accessible, allowing them to test its capabilities without making an initial commitment. Octo Browser reviews frequently note its user-friendly layout and the variety of features it offers, making it a popular choice among users who demand more than what traditional browsers deliver. Octo Browser promo codes are periodically available for customers wishing to purchase the full version, enabling price savings.

What are real-life use cases of Octo Browser?

So, Octo Browser substitutes your browser fingerprint. How does this help you? Here are just a few use-case scenarios for the browser:

  • Privacy: Did you know every website you visit knows a LOT about you? This page will show you everything that websites can track about you! Octo Browser prevents this from happening.
  • Multiple ad accounts for Google Adsense, TikTok, Facebook, and others.
  • Bonuses, airdrops and financial sites that generally only allow 1 claim per user.
  • Data scraping: There can be any number of reasons you may need to collect data from websites.

These are just some of the ways you can use Octo Browser. There’s no limit to what you can actually use its features for.

50+ manual parameters, or randomized “quick profiles”

Octo Browser has two modes using which you can create profiles.

  • Quick Profile,
  • Or Manual configuration.

The “Quick Profile” button does exactly what you think it does. It generates a profile with randomized parameters s in an instant.

There’s also a “create profile” button that, on the other hand, gives you more control. You have to select each aspect of your profile manually.

I’ve included a more detailed, step-by-step guide on creating anti-detect profiles in Octo Browser later in this review.

Octo Browser fingerprint tests

Why should you believe it if I or the company just make “claims”? You shouldn’t.

This is why I’ll run various profiles to prove that Octo Browser really works the way it promises.

First of all, I’ll test Octo Browser with the help of Pixelscan, one of the most advanced fingerprint verification websites in the industry.

Here are 3 of my profiles and their fingerprints as detected by Pixelscan.

As you can see, all the browser windows are open at the same time. They all have completely different fingerprints.

I also ran the browser via Whoer and Browserleaks. In both cases I got 100% unique fingerprints. That proves Octo Browser’s claims aren’t empty, doesn’t it?

Invite team members

If you’re on the team plan, Octo Browser lets you invite members directly using e-mail IDs.

You get to control the level of access these team members get. You can set:

  • Their control over profiles: you can assign/revoke profile creation/editing/transfer and cloning rights.
  • Control over proxies: Choose if they can create/edit/delete proxies.
  • Control over templates.
  • You can also let or restrict them from managing other team members.
  • Even control over tags can be assigned individually.
  • Access to individual profiles: You can use tags, and only profiles under these tags will be shared with the team members.
  • You can even transfer entire browser profiles to different Octo Browser accounts .

That brings us to the next feature I wish to discuss.

Profile tags

These initially seem to be a minor feature. You get the ability to assign “tags” to profiles. These are primarily used for recognition or grouping of profiles.

E.g. you group multiple profiles under your “social media”, “finance,” or literally any other tag you create.

They do have additional functionality, though. These tags can be used to control your teammates’ access to specific profiles.

History & restore

For every profile you create, Octo Browser saves its last 100 actions. It’s not just for your eyes!

These history options also serve as “restore points”. Meaning, you can restore the profile back to any of these 100 restore points.

Paste as “human typing”

This is a feature I’ve never seen before, not from any other browser.

It basically lets you “paste” anything while the website/any other observer would see the text as being typed!

In other words, if someone is monitoring you, they’d never know you’re ‘pasting’ content.

Where would you use this? “Exams” are just one possible answer! (Although hey, don’t cheat, it’s bad.)


Octo Browser only changes your “fingerprints.” It doesn’t do anything with your IP address. While it’s not mandatory, you may wish to change your IP address for complete anonymity.

Octo Browser has this prominent feature at the top-bar, it’s labelled “Proxies”.

It lets you add three primary types of proxies:

  • Socks5
  • Http
  • SSH

There’s even a “Bulk add” feature. Using this you can add hundreds of proxies in a single click.

Not just that, it even lets you check the proxy’s quality.

Cookie import and cookie robot

Octo Browser offers two unique features when it comes to cookies.

For starters, you can “import” cookies for each browser profile. This can be used if you’ve already got cookies from a different browser, or a different browser profile.

Additionally, you can also use a “cookie robot.” is basically a feature that lets you enter a list of links. The robot then automatically gathers cookies from these links for your profile.

Creating a new anti-detect profile

As mentioned earlier, Octo Browser primarily lets us create multiple profiles.

To understand its capabilities better, isn’t it better if I show you exactly how a profile is created?

Now, there are two ways to do this.

You can either skip everything and simply click on the “Quick Profile” button.

This doesn’t give you any control over the specs you get. It automatically and instantly creates a profile for you within a few seconds.

Or, you can click on the “Create Profile”’ button.

This will bring up the actual settings page.

Now, you simply need to enter:

  • A profile name
  • Description
  • Set an icon
  • Pick the OS for your profile
  • And set a start page.

Note that only the “name” is mandatory. Everything else can be left untouched! You can just click “Create Profile” now and it’ll be created.

However, I’d recommend checking each parameter (on the left) and setting the specs manually.

As you move through these, you’d be able to configure your memory, CPU, renderer, screen size, fonts, and so much more.

You’re free to customize as many or as few of these parameters as you’d like.

How much does Octo Browser cost?

Octo Browser has 4 pricing plans:

  • Starter: € 29.00/month.You get 10 profiles/3 tags. No templates, team features or profile transfers are available.
  • Base: € 79.00/month: 100 profiles/ 10 tags/ 2 templates / API / Profile transfer.
  • Team: €169.00/month: 350 profiles /30 tags/ 3 team members + everything in “Base”.
  • Advanced: €329.00/month: 1200 profiles/ 100 tags/ 10 templates /8 team members+ everything in “Team”.

There’s also a “Custom” plan. It’s for those who need more profiles/tags/team members, than the “Advanced” plan offers.. The pricing is set at a minimum $429.00/month, although it depends on your exact requirements and needs.


There’s live-chat that’s available on the website. They respond very fast and are really helpful. Unlike some other chat support services, they do not make you bounce from one link to another.

Octo Browser review: Pros and cons

Let’s sum up this Octo Browser review.


  • Multi-accounting on any website
  • 50+ customizable fingerprint configurations
  • Real fingerprints (impossible to detect)
  • Impressive team and sharing features
  • Proxies are supported
  • “Paste as human” feature
  • User-friendly, needs no expertise.


  • No free/trial plan available.

Octo Browser review 2022: Is it the best antidetect browser for multi-accounting?

Octo Browser offers all the features you’d want your antidetect browser to have. Complete control over profile parameters and the use of real fingerprints just seals the deal.

Other features such as “human typing,” cookie importing, cookie robot, teamwork features,and everything else make things even better.

I personally love their updates. They come up with a new, improved version of the browser very frequently. While I initially was slightly annoyed by it, it has just made the browser so much better.

So yes, I’d sign off this Octo Browser review with these words: “Yes, it’s the best multi-accounting browser for this price that I’ve personally tried.”

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