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Wix Code – Wix Announces A Game Changer

Many professional web developers scowl at the sight of online website builders. Their main reason is quite simple: these site builders, including the popular Wix, weren’t able to provide customization beyond a point. Though it came with so many in-page customization options, creating a true web app was impossible if you rely on site builders. I say it was impossible because, Wix has come up with an awesome new service called Wix Code.

Wix Code’s market positioning is envisioned to fill the gap between easy website builders and true, in-depth customization. In this article we will review Wix Code, explaining its features, usability and some other new concepts. Wix has come up with new ways to build a website.

Wix Code

Wix Code fills the gap between powerful, standalone web apps and easy, quick-click website building. It’s still part of the Wix editor, however you can choose to not use it. If you still want to build a simple website, without any hassle, you can do it using Wix. Wix Code, on the other hand is for those who are looking to add some advanced features into their websites. Wix code gives you this ability. It could be considered as an extension to Wix Site Builder features.

Wix Code enables you to create dynamic pages & establish database collections easily, without having to have any in-depth coding skills. Wix Code can be considered as a missing piece between easy website development and greater customization.

Wix Code is for those who wants to add some advanced stuff to their websites inside the Wix ecosystem. If you want hassle free website creation, you can do so with Wix editor, this is to go a step beyond that.

As of writing this article, Wix Code hasn’t been integrated fully into the main Wix editor. The feature is currently in the Closed Beta stage. If you want to give it a shot, sign up for Wix Code Beta program from their website. If you use your Wix account, the registration lasts just a few seconds.

So let’s dwell deeper on the possibilities of Wix Editor.

Wix Code comes with the tagline of Creation Without Limits. So. how does it facilitate creation without limits exactly?

Creation & Management of Database

Database management is considered to be a tough task in web development. With Wix Code it’s a lot simpler. Product information, consumer information, subscriber list and a lot more things can be stored and retrieved easily from a well-built database. With that, you will be able to add a variety of elements to your website, including List Index, Table Index, Reviews and linking dynamic pages with the database. APIs can be used for smart data collection, more on that later. The databases created are SEO-compatible, which is important for the overall site ranking. Last but not least, the database storage is unlimited.

User-data Collection

Another tough task in web development is setting up a proper system for collecting user input from your own users. With Wix Code, it’s made a lot simpler. You can now create a huge variety of interactive data collection elements like forms, quiz boxes, review sections etc. setting them up is easy with the help of the built in drag-and-drop editor and doesn’t require any coding. However, if you are looking to add code validations, you will be able to do that as well.

Better User-Interaction using JavaScript

As I said before, Wix Code helps you to create a dynamic, user-interactive page. It is made possible with the help of JavaScript. You can have beautiful looking, creative elements on the page, without coding, thanks to the clever use of JavaScript. You can try out interactive elements such as Hide-and-Show, Promotional Pre-loader and Site Content Change etc. These actions can also be triggered based on user actions as well.

API Integration and More

Wix Code comes with a ton of APIs that are available right out of the box. APIs are used to integrate other services or their features in your website. Wix Code comes with a set of internal APIs that can be customized easily, with just basic coding skills. The internal APIs are available for some most used services like YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter and IFTTT. If you are looking for specific third-party APIs, you can of course do them as well. This one feature makes all the difference when it comes to building a functional website..

All this, while keeping the editor easy to use and simple is what differentiates Wix from the competitors.


Considering all the points mentioned above, Wix Code can be considered a good progress to the Wix Lineup. I hope this article helped you to learn about Wix Code and its potential. If you have any doubts regarding it, let us know through the comments and we will be more than happy to guide you on the right direction. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this article, let us know through the comments as well and we will do our best to improve it.

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