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Published on July 31st, 2019 | by Bibhuranjan


4 Exciting Ways Businesses are Using Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality (VR) is a form of technology where users experience a stimulated virtual environment. In the VR experience, the users are able to view and interact with their 3D surrounding or world. They can see, hear, feel and even smell in the virtual world. The most common VR technology available is a head mounted display. Therefore, it is popular among gamers.

The technology is being used in aviation, military and medical fields. Its users are able to virtually use expensive equipments and new complicated devices. This helps them perform better in reality. Some therapists are using VR to treat their patients. Post Traumatic Disorder Syndrome (PTSD) patients are made to experience dangerous situations virtually which helps them in overcoming their fears.

Even the businesses are using VR for profitable gains, causing their popularity to continue gaining momentum. The interest in VR is exploding due to the various uses and reduced cost of headsets. Having an accessible piece of technology, such as a VR headset is a great asset to any business wanting to be contemporary. While VR headsets are cool, they are also practical and drive revenue. VR is the future of business, and the quicker people realise its endless number of benefits, the more likely they are to start using it to their advantage.


VR makes training more practical than ever before. Companies can put their employees through detailed training without putting them in real situations. Health and safety training is a prime consideration since individuals can be placed in virtual situations they otherwise wouldn’t be. This ensures that whenever the disaster or accident occurs, the employees will have better control of it since they have already virtually experienced everything. For medical professionals, operating in virtual reality will only enhance their skills.

Before Black Friday in 2018, Walmart employees were subject to VR training before the excessive overcrowding and queues in store began. As a result, the employees were able to perform better. Using VR for training ensures employees are fully prepared for the reality of the workplace before ever stepping foot into the actual store or office.

Enhanced Manufacturing

The unique applications of VR mean it is perfect for the manufacturing industry; users can create designs and prototypes without spending millions of pounds on different versions. Since everything is virtual, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to test how prototypes will run. Plus, the virtual experience is immersive, which helps manufacturers take a comprehensive view of alternations. This way they can ensure safety, cost cutting and successful technological developments.

For industries like aeronautics, where the parts and technology is very expensive and even small modifications can cut huge costs, VR is very useful.

Construction and Investment

Potential investors can virtually see an off-plan property that is yet to be built along with virtual simulations that showcase the interior and exterior of the development through VR technology. With various regeneration projects going on around the country, including cities like Liverpool and Manchester, more investment companies are using VR as a form of pitching when talking to investors. VR gives the investor time to decide on whether the new build is suitable for them, where previously, they had to wait until it was fully constructed. Plus, it can be done from the comfort of an investment companies’ office.

RW Invest offers its investors the opportunity to visit locations and new developments through VR. They have had great success with it. In addition to this, it’s especially useful for international investors who wish to invest their money into a property. They no longer have to fly over to see it; they can witness everything with a VR headset.

Some architects also allow their clients to take a tour of their virtual homes. The clients can feel and see architect’s design and suggest changes according to their taste.

Virtual Travel

Take ‘try before you buy’ to another level by visiting any holiday destination through a VR headset. Many travel agents and holiday companies choose to offer virtual travel tours of their hotels and available destinations to potential holidaymakers. The customers can take a 360 degree view of the hotels through VR increasing the hotels’ sale. This form of sales is a great way to entice more customers to buy certain packages. Experiencing the virtual reality of far off countries offers people the ability to see places before actually visiting. Plus, it’s a fun experience to virtually visit places you may never actually go. Those spending a significant amount of money on a holiday may want to use the VR headset to test out travelling.

It would not be wrong to conclude that the VR technology is slowly penetrating in the business world only to make it safer, more innovative and technologically more advanced.

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