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7 Essential Techniques That Can Transform Your Essay Writing Ability

The basic purpose of writing essays for the universities is to incorporate an academic exercise that imparts fundamental knowledge and comprehension. It gauges your ability to understand a specific question and develop a considered response to it. It thoroughly evaluates how you absorb and condense information from various sources as well as how you can provide a balanced and coherent argument with multiple points of view. Due to these crucial factors, many students are taking help from various essay writing services. If you are also ready to pay for essays online, these professional writers will help you to improve your college grades.

The following techniques will definitely help you in improving your essay writing ability:

1. Brainstorm your ideas

Many students find it really difficult to start off their essays. If you also tend to stuck even before beginning the essay, brainstorming is the answer for you. From picking up a topic to evaluating your options, your goal should be to make sure that you are able to persuade with your subject matter. Just think about your strengths and start with a relevant note.

2. Write your first draft

For writing a successful essay, your thoughts must be well-organized. You also need to gather your notes and create an outline so that you can decide where you want pertinent examples to appear. This is where you are ready to write your first draft. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just allow your thought process flow on the paper.

3. Underline your thesis statement

After choosing a relevant topic and sorting out your ideas, it is time to write down your thesis statement. It tells readers what predominant point you are highlighting in your essay or what your research problem is. Make sure everything you write supports that viewpoint.

4. Find a creative perspective

More often than not, essays may take boring turn in between if there are no creative perspectives being used. So, we would suggest you to use an attention grabbing opening to begin with. Rather than building up slowly, a brief and powerful statement can help you launch your argument more nicely. Being creative will also help you to extend metaphors and address important nuances.

5. Use facts with unbiased approach

The facts that you are using in your essay should be unbiased and objective. Remember it is not just that your opinions matter, it is the predominance of facts that need to be given due importance. It is easy to be tempted to just write what you think regarding the issues discussed in the essay, but an honest approach is the best approach. That is, not to play with the facts.

6. Research every side of the argument

You shouldn’t rely unilaterally on only one source when it comes to emphatically putting across your argument. You always need to refer to other possible opinions as well. There should be a balanced argument by researching a range of perspectives regarding the issue your essay is tackling. You need to explore different arguments along with evidence in support of that because context is vital in academia at any level.

7. Conclude properly and cite your work

Conclusion is very important because it convincingly underlines the core of your work. It brings closure of the topic and sums up your overall ideas while providing a final perspective on your topic. Finally, citations and bibliography are what give your work a degree of credibility. These make you look organized and scholarly.


Though there are numerous ways and tips as to how you can compose a perfect college essay. Also, there is no specific method to compose one. But the above mentioned techniques are the ones that will help you in creating a powerful essay for sure.

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