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3 Powerful Tips to Reduce Your Time-to-Hire

Your time-to-hire is an important factor that determines the effectiveness and efficiency of your recruitment process. The longer that jobs remain open, the more expensive your cost-per-hire.

Faster hiring can help to minimize costs and increase productivity. It can also make sure that processes keep running smoothly within your company without any hassles.

However, only 30% of companies are able to fill their open jobs in a month and the rest require around one to four months to hire.

Another study found that 15% of candidates who have a positive hiring experience are likely to put more effort into their jobs. And a quick hiring process can provide a great candidate experience as well.

Here are some amazing tips that can help you shorten your time-to-hire:

Build a Talent Pipeline

It’s best to reach out to candidates well before you actually need to hire. Unforeseen resignations can take companies by surprise. Or certain skills might be really difficult to find.

That’s why it is necessary to build a talent pipeline. Stay in touch with potential candidates and save their contact information from where you can retrieve it easily.

Attending industry conferences or meetups is one of the best ways to get in touch with talented and qualified candidates. When you want to fill your vacant positions, these acquaintances can come in handy. They might be suitable for your open jobs or even help you with their references.

Provide a Great Candidate Experience

By providing a great candidate experience, you can fill your open jobs faster. The time taken from when a candidate enters your talent pipeline to when they get hired is 34 days on average. Try to keep them engaged during this time so that they don’t drop out from the recruitment process.

To provide a great candidate experience, respect their time and don’t keep them waiting for too long without sharing any updates about the process. After the recruitment process, follow up with them and ask for their feedback to improve the candidate experience further.

Fetching Job Description

Recruitment process include most important part is writing a catchy job description. Well written job description attract to quality candidates. The time to hire decrease automatically.

Mention clearly the skills required for the job. It should be reflect company’s value and ethics.

How an employer can decrease time to hire. Check out the infographic below:

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