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New WhatsApp Update in iOS – Send Message Without Connection, Clean WhatsApp Storage, and More

In the fast developing technological world and all empowering social media, new advancements and developments are being made every passing day to smoothen the user experience and to provide better features. Social media app WhatsApp, which has over 1 billion monthly active users, is the most revered and used app for social media messaging in India. The app has in all possibilities over 160 million monthly active users in the country prominently. WhatsApp came out with a brilliant new feature for iPhone users where message can be sent without prevalent internet connection and queuing of messages is enabled.

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So how does this new update affect the end users? The capability of queuing up messages when the phone goes offline stating that there is no present internet connection means that the user will not be getting an alert saying the message has not been delivered and there will not be any need to trying to resend the message constantly. Instead, the message is sent as soon as your internet connection is back up again not requiring any further action from the user thereby freeing up all the hassles of rechecking if the message was delivered. This particular feature has been available for Android users for quite some time now and will be a happy welcome for the iPhone users.

Until now with the current version running, if the internet connectivity was suddenly lost, the user had to wait for the internet to be up and working again to be able to tap the send icon to send any message. However, with the newly provided update, even if there is no connection, the user can always type the text and send it, which is queued up and will be released from the queue and delivered to the required recipient whenever the internet connection is recovered. This surely is an important and highly useful feature as it is quite irritating to lose connection amidst conversation and the user is unable to even tap the send icon.

As a result of the update, “messages will be queued up and sent when your phone regains a connection,” WhatsApp states in the App Store listing, after the update is installed. The update is available for all iPhones running on iOS 7 or higher versions and the size of the update is almost 91.2MB.

Furthermore with the above stated update, WhatsApp has also come out with another useful advancement where the app has redesigned and tweaked the ‘storage usage screen’ on iOS platforms in order to enable the users’ better and faster ways to clean and manage storage space in their iPhones.

WhatsApp’s Storage Usage screen is a comprehensive tool to monitor which individual/group chat is taking the most storage space and gives provisions to the user to clear contents of that particular chat or delete unwanted conversation or data when faced with a space crunch in the device. Earlier, the Storage Usage screen allowed the end user to only view which specific WhatsApp groups/ chat hoarded the most space and then the user had to again go back to the respective chat window to delete conversation to free up space which seemed very tedious and disliked feature. But now, the app effectively lets the user clear messages straight from the Storage Usage screen itself. Furthermore, WhatsApp now lets the user choose message types like videos, text, images, GIFs, voice messages or media of any other format or type from specific chats, to delete exactly what he or she might want to keep whichever is needed. Users can go to Settings>Data and Storage Usage> Storage Usage (which is right at the bottom of the tab) and then see which messages, groups are using up the most storage space. The user can very easily now tap on those unwanted messages, chats and clear them at a go and free up the space in the phone. How that aids the user is, that according to the users’ discretion, they can either choose to erase all the content from a particular chat or decide to clear few selected content from the respective chat or group and can do so easily. For example, if the user wishes to keep the text only and remove all other media files that can be done easily now or the user can even just keep the images from a particular chat and delete all the texts, GIFs and voice messages from the chat or group.

Alongside all these great features, WhatsApp provides one more great facility to their iPhone users where after updating, the users get the ability to send thirty photos and videos at one go which previously cordoned off to only 10 at one instance. So, sharing more media just got easier and that is supposed to please a multitude of users. So, the entire new feature from WhatsApp is very welcoming change and is only going to increase its already exalted popularity.


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