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5 Skills to Level Up Your Digital Career Initiatives

As technology advances, acquiring the right skills may be the difference between stagnation and growth. Continuous learning is key to advancing in today’s competitive skill-based market. If you have a career in the digital environment, whether programming, data management, or even marketing, the skills explained in the section below will help when you need to get ahead of the park. Some will also help you outcompete advanced machinery.

Specialise Where You have Competence

When you are a jack of trades, you become a master of none. Besides, today’s companies are looking for specific skills for their different needs. For example, if you are in the IT department, pick a skill such as programming, app development, systems management, or data analysis. In marketing, you can go with SEO, content marketing and CRM, among others. Specialised skills provide you with an edge when it comes to specific tasks that require the skill. When choosing the skill to pick, check what is in demand in the market and works well with the skills that you have already acquired.

Web Design and Coding

The heart of any digital product or service is coding. Some of the popular web and app development, as well as programming languages, include MySQL, Code Igniter, jQuery, Angular and JavaScript. These languages apply across the board in any digital product or website development.

After learning the skills, create a portfolio that demonstrates the coding skills so that you are able to show potential employers what you can do. Jobs can range small tasks such as to use c# to create an excel file in a web application to complex e-commerce site designs. Besides, if you know how to code, you will be equipped for the future as emerging technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality build on these skills.

Used Interface Design and Data Visualization

All digital products have a user interface that enables product users to interact with the application. A digital UX design puts together various elements to help create effective user experiences that ensure satisfaction in the said product. When they combine UX with web designer skills, UX designers get many career options across various industries that require a digital presence.

On the other hand, data visualisation experts help analyse data to create trends and linkages. This helps senior management to gain valuable insights and make the right decisions. This skill can be applied in every department, from human resources to marketing. With the advent of big data, this will be one of the most sought after skills of the future.

Digital Marketing

Companies are looking for digital marketing skills to help promote their products and services on the internet. Some of the highly valued skills that marketers should have include SEO, User Experience design, content marketing, data analytics, PPC, and social marketing skills. Companies are now looking for an all-around marketing executive that can hand the digital marketplace and meet their marketing goals with ease. You would need to keep upgrading your skills in this line, as most of the technologies used in online marketing are dynamic. What may have applied yesterday may not be effective tomorrow.


You will have to work in teams where different participants will be doing specific duties. Some of these teams will be looking up to you for the direction and management of projects. You need to have some leadership skills to handle such projects effectively. Leadership is learned by being taught and on the field. Start by showing initiative in your department by helping out and interacting with others in the team. Then, become organised and build authority in your area of specialisation. You may also need to take a few leadership courses to improve your skills. Being a leader enables you to be part of the success story in business. It also opens up new career opportunities in management roles.


You need to keep updating your skills to remain competitive in the job market, whether in self-employment or an actual job. Take career initiatives to learn skills that can help improve your portfolio and enhance your productivity. Fortunately, most of the digital skills work together for any goal. With the right combination, you open up tons of opportunities for career growth.

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