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Published on April 26th, 2015 | by Igor Rebenko


Review: Tekfusion Twinwoofers

Pros: Great visceral bass, good build, price

Cons: treble, cable quality


Now I wish I could’ve put more time into these great earphones, but circumstances at work and home made that very difficult for me and I used every opportunity to give them all the time and attention I could. Alas it wasn’t really enough, IMO, to do a full in-depth review. It was just a bad week for me.



The design is subtle and appealing. The silver accents are great but I would’ve like them better in fully black. Cable is as “stock” as it gets. Not much else to say on this regard.


Build Quality/Design:

Aluminium(?) housing is really nice. It’s rounded at the edges. Cables are not so exciting but do have good strain relief. The cable has a lot of memory and you get some mechanical noise when using them on the go.

You can get some pretty bad driver flex with some ear tips. I’ve found that the small triple flange tips to be the best fit for my ears, and have to least amount of driver flex.



Firstly I’d like to say that these sound DARK! Very dark. They somewhat remind me of the Mad Dogs 3.2. The frequency response, to my ears, sounds like it’s on a downward slope from 30Hz all the way to 6Khz where it drops off about 10db and stay that way to my limit of hearing. Though clarity is surprisingly pretty good.


The bass is spectacular. Out of all the cons I can think of with the earphone, I will always forgive them because of how good the bass sounds. It’s visceral (when amped) and plentiful, with good control. It stays coherent down to 30Hz, thereafter it fades away. It leaks a bit into the mids, imo, this is why it sounds so dark.


The mids are nice. Not forward, maybe a little bit on the laid back side. Male vocals sound better than the females.


Treble, or the lack of, is probably the worst part of the TwinWoofer. The lack of treble beyond 6kHz really hinders the sound. No sparkle or air. The soundstage also takes a hit. Most of the songs sound blunted/muted. I actually got my E17 EQ and raise the treble all the way up to +10bd, and the change was surprising. With the missing treble back, these earphone really open up. The sound stage becomes wider, you start to sense a bit of air between instruments, yet still no sparkle. Female vocals are brought back to life and the overall clarity of the sound is increase dramatically.



What was originally an earphone I didn’t like at first turned out to be a really enjoyable listen. After bumping up the treble, these earphone really become worthy contender. IEMs have never actually surprised me, but these did in the end.

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