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Published on November 24th, 2020 | by Sumit Bhowal


How to Make your Headphone Last Longer

Ever since the Walkman has been invented, headphones or earphones have become a significant part of our daily lives. And with the rising popularity of many streaming platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, and podcast, many of us are adopting headphones more often in our everyday lives. We are all looking for durable headphones but let’s face it, durability is the least factor we often looked for when buying headphones. Some of us look for the price, design, and audio quality or listening experience but forgot to check its durability.

That is why many people are still asking how to keep our headphones longer and maintain their sound quality for a long time. Some of us is replacing our headphones for only a couple of weeks, and we find it annoying. It can be expensive even if it costs only 10usd per piece, but if you add up all the headphones you bought for a year, I bet you will be frustrated. Your question will be, why is it happening for you always?

Did you know that headphones break mostly because of your carelessness? Here are some instances which you might be guilty of and might be the cause of why your headphones break easily.

  1. How did you carry your headphones if you are not using it? Did you throw it on your backpack or bags without storing it in a carry-case or specific bag to prevent its cable from tangling with your other stuff?
  2. For your wireless headphones, did you often leave them out in the open ready to be used any time you wanted?

Now that you know why your headphones easily break, I will help you solve your dilemma. Here is some advice to maintain your expensive headphone’s quality for years to come or keep your budget headphone to last longer than expected.

  1. This is the most groundbreaking advice that some may ignore right away since it will be inconvenient, bulky, and boring for you to have a carry case for your headphones. If you do not like the carry case that comes with your headphones, you can buy another to suit your needs and personality.
  2. The wires are essential parts of your headphones, and most likely, if damaged, the whole unit can be unusable after all. This will happen if the cables have been twisted or stretched that the audio can not reach the speakers. You can damage your wires in many ways possible but most often that that, carelessness causes it.
  3. You should always unplug your wires by gripping the jack than pulling the cables.
  4. Headphones might need a little extra attention to keep them in excellent working condition. You should always be mindful when you are not using them, especially how you wrap the wires after using them by wrapping them onto something for the cables not to be tangled with other things.
  5. Remember that earphone drivers can easily break if you always keep your volume at its maximum work. Some headphones might fail when it cannot handle the level of noise it is asked to process.
  6. Some headphones can easily break because it is not fit for users, such as using an ordinary headphone for your fitness routine. Sweat can be a corrosive factor that can get through your headphone and damage it.

Now that you know how to properly care for your headphones, here are some tips on how to help you get most of your headphones.

  1. You should keep your headphone clean. Some will have some removable or replaceable earpads. If yours don’t have to check the IP rating before you can rinse them off. It better has at least IP5 or IP7 before you can clean it with water. You can buy some in-ear pair of earwax cleaning tools online. Remember that earwax can block out the treble and alter the stereo image, so better clean your headphones and ears properly.
  2. You can use apps to have a better sound rather than using a maximum volume setting. Many of these EQ apps will provide rewarding listening experiences that can be tailored fitted with your headphones.
  3. Remember that the quality of your audio starts at the source. Some of the streaming sites will not provide the same sound quality, so better download quality. With your budget headphone, you might be able to enjoy it longer and feel like you are using an expensive headphone with its top-quality audio.

By following these tips, I assure you that you will keep your headphones in good quality condition, and your listening experience will always make your world rocks.

Happy listening, everyone!

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